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The sense of community is so strong that it seems as if they lack nothing.

There are incredible amounts of pollution, waste, and trash yet there is still so much beauty.

Behind this river are beautiful green fields, trees with small fruits that the girls knock off the trees and eat (I have them in my pocket now).There was also an amazing old outdoor music theater.The girls often walk barefoot through the fields, over the sticks, gravel, rocks, through the water.Lavalife is Canada's largest online dating service, with thousands of local, sexy single adults waiting to hook up NOW!Find a great date, love, a committed relationship or even, intimate, erotic sex.

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I have some down time in the village before the big match between the AIFF and Yuwa and thought that I should attempt to give you all an update of what we are experiencing here in Jharkhand. Everyday brings new challenges and learning situations.It is hard to put into words all that transpired both on and off the field. I don’t think you can fully understand what you are walking into until you are knocking on the front door and sleeping in their beds.There are so many things that we have encountered that we never even imagined.Life here is so simple yet we realize how complex it can become. All players do not have electricity, running water, toilets, proper amounts of food yet they are the happiest and kindest children I have ever met.