Women dating more than one man

If you strip away the romance and the complicated societal rules and obligations and general philosophical meandering, humanity’s purpose is very simple: we’re here to ensure the continuation of our genetic lineage. Men want to ensure that their own genes are passed along while simultaneously trying to prevent other males from impregnating the same females, thus ensuring that they’re not raising someone else’s child.

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All of this is a very long-winded way of saying that there’s a scientific basis for the fact that monogamy is of all married individuals.And don’t think this is exclusively men; the number of women who step outside of their otherwise monogamous relationships has been rising for the last 20 years.If you want to prevent your girflriend or wife from straying, then you need to understand on the idea that, evolutionarily speaking, that we’re a promiscuous species.On the male side of things, we’ve evolved many techniques for maximizing our own reproductive chances while minimizing those of our competitors; this is known as sperm competition.When men spend time away from their mates, their sperm count – and libido – increase, the better to overpower any competitor’s own sperm in the case of any infidelity.

The human penis is shaped to act as squeegee; the flared head of the glans and tapered shape of the shaft serve to help scrape out competitors’ sperm from one’s mate.

Similarly, if a man has reason to suspect infidelity, not only will he thrust more vigorously (thus trying to remove as much unwelcome sperm as possible) but the resulting orgasm will be stronger and the ejaculation will be of much higher volume, in order to flush out any remainder of another male.

On the female side of things, there are similarly indications that multiple partners offers an advantage to the In fact, many researchers suggest that women’s sexual vocalizations serve as a sort of mating call, arousing and attracting other men to come and take part as well – helping obscure potential parentage of the child and increasing the community’s investment in the well-being of the infant.

So, again, it must be understood: on a pure, biological level, men and women are designed with the idea of multiple sexual partners.

This isn’t a judgement on whether monogamy is good or bad, or whether it is desirable or not.

It just needs to be stated: it doesn’t come naturally to us, and it can be incredibly difficult.