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Regardless of why Nina Dobrev is keeping her relationship with Mark Foster on the down low, it’s safe to say Ian Somerhalder is not happy about it.

But, now he knows how Nina felt when he started dating Nikki Reed.

Nina Dobrev has been dating boyfriend Mark Foster for a few months, which in Hollywood means they’ve been dating for an eternity.That obviously means that they’re ready for the next step, the dreaded meeting the parents scenario.To be honest, I’m not sure how Nina Dobrev’s parents would feel about her dating half of Hollywood’s eligible bachelors, since they had to have read it in the tabloids.Referring to Adam Peaty's gold medal victory yesterday in the 100m breaststroke, Foster added: 'I joked to camera when Becky was crying after Adam's win that it was because I'd just proposed to her!Vampire Diaries fans have been on high alert since CDL revealed that Nina Dobrev has a new boyfriend and mystery man in her life.

Seeing as how Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed don’t appear to be breaking up anytime soon – Nina Dobrev has been out on the prowl.

We all know she is practically incapable of being single.

Nina has been desperately trying to keep her new relationship on the down low, but we have finally cracked the mystery, and we totally get why she didn’t want anyone to know. Nina is apparently giving ex-boyfriend Ian Somderhalder a dose of his own medicine and dating one of his friends, Mark Foster, of the band ‘Foster The People.’ Our confidential source confirms exclusively to CDL that two people close to a member of Mark Foster’s immediate family report that he and Nina Dobrev are indeed a couple and have been dating for several weeks now.

We’re not sure exactly why Nina would want to keep her relationship with Foster a secret, personally we would want to rub it in Ian’s face.

But, it looks like Nina is actually taking the high road and opted not to parade around town with sloppy displays of PDA like Ian and Nikki Reed did when they first started hooking up.

Or, there is always the possibility that Nina is still hanging on to hope that she and Ian will get back together, and she doesn’t want to kill those chances by announcing that she is dating his friend.