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Dwyane Wade began to call me derogatory names more, throw things at me, hit me, take all my money from me, and even kicked me out of the house causing me not to have a place to live. As a means of controlling me, and as part of Dwyane Wade’s domestic violence pattern, he would often hit me, lock me in rooms and not allow me out, threaten to take my sons from me and frighten me by telling me he knows judges and that they are on his pay roll and he can take the children from me at any time he wanted.

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Dwyane Wade picked me up into the air above his head and slammed me down onto a large ottoman with such force that the ottoman broke into pieces when he slammed my body on it and banged my head against a marble bathroom floor.” “Subsequently,” she claims, “I ended up having to be rushed to the emergency room of Christ Hospital and spent an entire week hospitalized.” But it was about to get even worse.

Siohvaughn claims in the documents that she discovered Dwyane was cheating on her, and when she got tested for STDs, she says shefound out that he had given her one.

Shortly after, on May 27, 2008, Dwyane filed for divorce.

yne Wade, Via Radar Online reports: Engagement joy was short-lived for Gabrielle Union, when news that her fiancé Dwyane Wade had fathered a love child broke just days after he popped the question.

But now, as the couple prepare to wed, Radar has uncovered even more disturbing claims about Union’s husband-to-be.

In recently filed court documents, his ex-wife and baby mama accuses the NBA star of being a heartless cheat who used to beat her and infected her with an STD!Wade’s ex, Siohvaughn Wade, made the shocking claims in a series of court documents obtained by Radar, as the former couple continues to try to untangle themselves from their messy divorce and custody battle.According to Siohvaughn, Wade revealed a different side to her shortly after they wed on May 18, 2002.“I had known that Dwyane Wade had a temper and could become violent at times,” she claims in the documents, “but when we moved out of my mother’s home …into our own apartment with our infant son, the violence increased.This, however, was just the surface of the domestic violence Dwayne Wade would inflict upon me.” “As Dwyane Wade’s income increased,” she claims, “his arrogance and pride increased as well.