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CM Punk is now in UFC and training for his first ever fight in the world of mixed martial arts, and he appears to be happy to be done with wrestling.

Well, the brilliance that is Paul Heyman once had Punk as a “client” when in WWE, and was really hoping the great talent wouldn’t leave.

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One of those was an idea from a few years ago that likely would have kept CM Punk from leaving WWE.that had a match pitting Punk against The Undertaker.It was the idea of Punk being the one to end the Undertaker’s great streak, and the reason made a lot of sense.According to Heyman, Punk was simply very unhappy in WWE and him getting an iconic win over The Undertaker would have easily made him happy.Well, Undertaker went on to win that match and keep his streak at intact for the time being.

CM Punk only became more disgruntled and ended up leaving WWE and heading to UFC to have a brand new career.Just one year later, the streak of The Undertaker was finally broken by none other than WWE’s hottest ticket today — Brock Lesnar.Some have thought that CM Punk was upset for no reason as he was on top of WWE and even held on to the WWE Title for 434 days at one point.He defeated every single person that was put in front of him, and his title reign only ended due to The Rock coming back for a while.Still, there were a lot of things that Punk says ended up leading to him leaving WWE, and he just wasn’t happy overall.He was one of the biggest wrestling stars for quite some time, but there just couldn’t be a happy agreement between all parties.