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Version 2 was found on 2004 model products, and Version 3 on 2005 model products (Sony introduced native MP3 support on its music players in 2005).

has been considerably more successful and although unconfirmed, it was widely expected that Sony would launch globally in the medium-term future, pending the results of the Australian/New Zealand trial, however, Sony never did this. Sonic Stage is closely tied to a requirement that the program guard against copyright infractions. Somewhat similar to an Apple i Pod, it is not generally possible to move tracks from the music player to the PC hard drive, and thereby from one music player to another.

Some earlier models (such as some of the Net-MD line) could not even transfer voice recordings made by the user (with the player's microphone input) to their PC.

Copy restriction is provided not by any one feature, but by a group of design features and software limitations.

The Walkman NW-E005 is a digital music player produced by Sony.

Song information is downloaded from an online database when songs are transferred onto the player.

"No Database" is one of the error messages that can appear on the player's screen when something is wrong with the player.Troubleshoot the "No Database" error message either by formatting the player, erasing abnormal data or downloading and updating the built-in firmware of the device.Sonic Stage is the name for Sony software that is used for managing portable devices when they are plugged into a computer running Microsoft Windows.It comprises a music player and library manager, similar to i Tunes, Windows Media Player and Real Player.It is used to manage the library of ATRAC OMG/OMA and MP3 recordings on a PC.It was first used in VAIO PCs put on the Japanese market in October 2001, and superseded Open MG Jukebox.