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Every time I select Play Game the game reverts to a version of itself that was implemented almost 2 years ago. No right stick function, world's seem darker, even during daylight. i've also tried Xbox tech support but they have no idea. i'm also scared to delete anything just in case there is a way to get my sons worlds back. Try the following: 1) If you don't already have a USB stick for use with the Xbox, format one (instructions are here: 2) Using the Xbox main dashboard "settings" tab, back up any Minecraft game save files you want to keep to the USB drive by going to "Settings" - "System" - "Storage" = "Hard Drive" (if that is where you've been storing your game saves) = "Games and Apps" = "Minecraft" = you should see the "Saved Game" files listed and you can select them individually copy to the USB.It does this no matter which storage device I choose. I'm afraid to uninstall it; it might make me purchase it again to re-download it. NOTE: You will have to be signed in as the profile listed on the right below the file size in order to copy the files across to the USB.

You may have to repeat the process signing in with each profile that has been affected.) 4) Now select "Play Game" and be sure to select the "Hard Drive" (or Cloud), but not the Memory Unit where your backup saves are now.BEFORE BEFORE launching any saved game, CREATE a new world and/or new tutorial world and use it to check to make sure that the update has downloaded completely and is functioning correctly. (NEVER attempt to open any existing world without first confirming that the update is working correctly as opening a world with an incomplete update will corrupt the file.) Contacting Mojang will not help with the issue as they do not program the console edition.4J Studios does, but I don't know of any means to contact them directly.HBO GO requires a very solid internet connection while streaming video.HBO GO will adjust video quality based on the strength of your network connection.

If you are experiencing video playback issues a slow or inconsistent network connection could be the cause.

Here you can find various troubleshooting steps for a wide variety of issues you may experience while trying to patch your Defiance game client.

If you’re having patching issues after logging into the Patcher Client, please review the troubleshooting information below.

We are aware of the problem, and we are already working on the solution.

In the meantime, in order to start the game you will have to delete the update that is causing the problem.

Today (9/12/15) Minecraft updated on my Xbox 360 and now there's major problems with the game. I have cleared all caches and reinstalled my disc on xbox. When I updated everything was still the same as before I did all of this. All of his worlds have disappeared, his skins have all corrupted and he cannot move using the right stick.