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While police have not confirmed the alleged attacker, his father Ahmed Adan told the Star Tribune his son, who was born in Africa and moved to the US 15 years ago, studied at St Cloud Technical and Community College.

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Harris Gordon (left), 22, was on his way back from dinner with three friends (pictured upper right with gordon, first from left) when they heard a loud bang, not long before pm. Me and my friends turned around and ran,' he told the Daily

Gordon was on his way to meet his parents downtown - but 'everything changed' after the blast. The four men, all Boston University grads, ran so fast that it took them only five seconds to get away from the scene.

They were later taken to Mount Sinai West hospital. He had a laceration on his back that required nine stitches and abrasion on his abdomen.

Three pipe bombs found in New Jersey and two IEDs that terrorized New York City all have one thing in common - cell phones.

Each bomb had an old-school flip phone as a detonation timer.

All phones used as detonators were similar in design.Investigators told NBC 4 New York all the old-fashioned flip phones were found attached to the devices.An undetonated pressure-cooker explosive had a cell phone attached to it and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the device was similar to the one that exploded in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea.No one was injured in the New Jersey explosion and approximately 29 people were hurt after the explosion in Manhattan.Seaside Park is approximately an hour and a half south of Chelsea in Manhattan.The suspect who went on a stabbing spree in a Minnesota mall on Saturday night was identified by his father as Dahir Adan, a 22-year-old college student.