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Therefore, it is very easy to move around the entire country from its capital, Ljubljana - pronounced "lub-li-ana".

From there, you can pretty much drive in very modern, and very safe roads/highways for some jaw-dropping, natural beauty and scenery no matter what direction you go.

Slovenia has it all, from incredible nature trails, to modern ski resorts, to adventures in the wild forests, to elegant vineyards for wine tasting getaways, and great golf resorts.

You can find more information here: Around Slovenia: I would strongly recommend renting a Car from Avis/Hertz/Budget or any major car rental company found in US.Public transportation is available, but I had a private rental car, so I cannot say much about it.However, it was critical to have a car ready to go as this proved valuable when hunting local women to taste. I have been extremely busy causing damage in Central Europe, and I am finally starting to write up my discoveries on Slovenia, and some side trips to Croatia.I will break down my success stories, as well as major mistakes I made that cost me notches so you can avoid doing them.

PROLOGUE: I did not know anything about Slovenia before I decided to venture off into its mysteries and warm punanis of the local european women.What I found was a city full of wonderful surprises, deep culture, and fun people eager to talk about their country and incredible scenery all in one.About Slovenia: Slovenia has been a model country for Central Europe.They have left their communist history behind and have moved full-force into European culture, and capitalism.American English is spoken by 75% of the people under the age of 35, and speaking American slang is actually considered "cool" and hip by anyone under 35. Slovenia is a very SMALL Central European country, and by small, I mean probably the size of Vermont.I was out buying some fruits from a young college cutie at a local fresh market in Ljubljana, and as I walked away she held up her closed fist, looked at me and said "keep it real".... It is also funny to notice that Slovenia is shaped like a "chicken".