Sim dating simulation games

This is a great genre that has grown drastically over the last few years.

Popular games of this type include "The Sims 2" and "Black and White 2." This section covers a lot of area, including games that are also included in the city building category.

Gameplay varies from different game to game, but the premise is the same, to develop a successful city.

Flight sims give you the chance to be a pilot of just about any plane or helicopter you've wanted to fly.

The genre of flight simulations has come so far over the last few years.

Almost everyone can find a simulation game to play!

Simulation games have action, combat, management, and strategy.

If you are completely new to this genre of computer games, get ready for a good time. So simulation games are games that imitate a real-life situation.Another way to think about it is that simulation games attempt to recreate a past event.But games don't always stick to that definition, sometimes they border on fantasy or potential future situations.Within the simulation games genre there are sub-genres.Because of the variety of simulation games, there is probably at least one sub-genre that you may enjoy, whether it be flight simulation games or life.Life simulations directly imitate life itself, whether it be daily life or playing god.