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Photo: Retna Character: Clair Huxtable Actress: Phylicia Rashad Sitcom: The Cosby Show As the working mother of an ever-growing Brooklyn brood, Clair Huxtable is one of the classiest women on this list.

Despite all the stress she encountered as an established attorney in New York City, she somehow managed to always have a witty joke and valuable life lessons for her kids and husband, Cliff.

Photo: Retna Character: Jane Jetson Actress (voice): Penny Singleton Sitcom: The Jetsons "Jane his wife," might have been at the end of The Jetsons theme song, but Jane will always be our favorite thing about the popular animated show.

Photo: Retna Character: Norma Arnold Actress: Alley Mills Sitcom: The Wonder Years This mother of three was a true mediator between her free-spirited kids and their traditional father.The all-American mom set the bar high by going back to college to finish her degree before landing a job with Micro Electronics—definitely not the norm for a 1960s housewife.Photo: Alan Light / Character: Harriette Winslow Actress: Jo Marie Payton and Judyann Elder Sitcom: Family Matters Putting up with Steve Urkel was a tough job, especially for someone who wasn't related to him, but Mrs.Mother's Day is one time of year when we unabashedly celebrate all things Mom.From making us dinner to teaching us important life lessons, is there anything that mothers don't do?

And while there's no guidebook to perfect parenting, there are certain qualities that make a mother stand out from the crowd.Here, we've rounded up our 10 favorite moms from the tube.From the no-nonsense Clair Huxtable to the futuristic Jane Jetson, this list will have you celebrating the mightiest moms in all of TV history.Character: Debra Barone Actress: Patricia Heaton Sitcom: Everybody Loves Raymond Anyone who can deal with in-laws who live across the street, a husband who does next to nothing around the house and three rambunctious kids (including twin boys! Debra was a tough-as-nails mom who may not have been the best cook on the block, but she stood up for herself and passed good values on to her children—even against all odds.Photo: Retna Character: Carol Brady Actress: Florence Henderson Sitcom: The Brady Bunch Juggling three daughters of her own and three stepsons from husband Mike may not sound like that much of a good time, but Carol Brady always kept things lively.She was a bit of a Renaissance mom; in addition to the typical household responsibilities, she was also a sculptor, writer, singer and political activist—showing her daughters there's nothing a woman can't do.