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Guys & Girls: Everyone is attractive in their own special way.

Many of the guys can be found wearing flannel and growing out their beards, whereas girls dress modestly but are usually very artistic.Simply put, the thrift stores nearby are doing quite well due to the Biolan population.Biola, on the outside, could definitely be stereotypical of a liberal arts school.Many people are in relationships on campus, and the joke "Bridal Institute of Los Angeles" (a play on "Bible Institute of Los Angeles" or BIOLA) is actually not that much of a joke, as most relationships bloom into marriage, if not during the course of school, at least by the end of the four years.The ratio of three girls to every guy is strong and noticeable, but this doesn't seem to affect the dating arena of Biola.

It should also go without saying that Biola is virtually devoid of any sexual promiscuity. Many people in the suburbs enjoy walking through Biola's campus, just to talk with the students about their classes or just about the weather.

Students love to go to the beach, Disneyland, and swing dancing in their free time.

There is quite a bit of dating, just as any Christian college would have.

Most relationships are serious and can last up to four years before culminating in marriage.

It is very rare to see people breaking up or even hooking up for shorter than a few months.

The women's volleyball team is a group of wonderful women who love the Lord and love to glorify Him through the talents He has bestowed on them.