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In Israel there are several leading Oncologists, Dr. Moshe Inbar in Sourasky medical center (Ichilov hospital), Dr. Tamar Peretz of Hadassa hospital are all definitely on the top of the list and there are others. Inbar to be very committed and experienced Oncologists and I strongly recommend them both. Ben Baruch has been following up for 3 years on my treatment and has always been accessible, and responsive to the long path I have taken, and Prof.

The Oncologist is a person whom you might have a very long term relationship with, so it is important that you choose one that is a top notch experienced professional, that you have chemistry with and that is preferably relatively close to your home, and is accessible for ongoing consultation. Inbar has been an excellent second opinion expert for me, and at a later stage provided me unique expert opinion, that ultimately resulted (following my personal decision) in my being operated in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Mavor to remove the tumor and the 24 lymph nodes of which one was malignant, and hearing the advice from Dr. Inbar, I was diagnosed as being triple negative , e.g my cancer does not respond to two type of hormones and Her 2 to which there is targeted medicine.

( Triple negative is another piece of bad news in some 15% of cancer diagnosed women) .

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My Oncologist stopped after 4 rounds of AC and 2 rounds of Taxol, because Taxol was causing problems at nerves at the edge of my finger tips called Neuropathy).

The radiation was performed in Belinson hospital and done in approximately 30 sessions.

The chemo was done first and radiation only begun about a month after chemo ended.

My name is Vered, I am an Israeli, aged 48, married with 3 children.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since then I have embarked on a long journey, and have gained a lot of experience, hence I feel an obligation to share this experience with other women whom may benefit from the information provided.

The initial cancer was detected in the left breast as Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma with Tumor measures 2.3*1.5*1.4 cm, where the IN SITU carcinoma represents about 60-65% of the Tumor.In addition one lymph node out of 24 that where removed, showed metastasis of carcinoma involving the entire lymph node and invading adipose tissue. Unfortunately it was several months since I felt a lump, until finally I was diagnosed for Breast Cancer, and 2 weeks after I was diagnosed , the head of surgery in Kaplan Hospital Israel, Dr.Mavor removed the tumor (performed lumpectonomy) and removed 24 lymph nodes (about a third of the nodes) of which one showed metastasis cancer.This is real bad news and I can not emphasize the importance of early detection of breast cancer as crucial to provide a chance of full recovery.The first instinct one has when finding out one has breast cancer is to remove the tumor.Then comes the complimentary part, meeting with an Oncolgist.