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Watch above to find out what Sanaa does on her downtime and how she became an executive producer on this film as well.

Subscribe to our page: SVs BQC TWITTER: Real Sway The Happy Hourw HB DJWonder Its Tracy G Nicky Geezy Nah Gee Isn FACEBOOK: Sway Calloway WEBSITE: Sanaa Lathan talks about her new film "Repentance," the black community, and more.

The publication's mission is to unite black women at various stages of their lives, around a common aspiration for better, more fulfilling lifestyles.MADAMENOIRE provides breaking news, an open forum for discussion and cosmopolitan advice born from the lived experiences and needs of these women of color (which includes mothers, young professionals, fashionistas and intellectuals).--- Sanaa Lathan Talks Dating Rumors & Her New Film "Repentance" | Madame Noire SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS!!RELATEDFox Eyes Reality Dance Competition Featuring Average Joe/Jane Couples Lathan will play an expert investigator who digs into the case, alongside a special prosecutor (casting TBD) sent to the town by the Department of Justice.The pair must navigate the media attention, public debate and the social unrest that comes with such a volatile case, as they seek justice before the divided town erupts in a race war.

Exec-producing alongside Prince-Bythewood are Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo and Reggie Rock Bythewood (who is also co-writing).

Subscribe to our page: SVs BQC TWITTER: Real Sway The Happy Hourw HB DJWonder Its Tracy G FACEBOOK: Sway Calloway WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @Real Sway Sways Universe, Sway In The Morning, Rap, Hip-Hop, Freestyles, Interviews, Live, Concert, Performances, Actors, Athletes, Singers, Celebrities, Television, FIlm, Shade45, 5 Fingers of Death The charming, graceful and talented Sanaa Lathan blessed us with her presence on Sway in the Morning while on her promo run for the romantic thriller, The Perfect Guy.

Working with studs like Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy, the ladies of the room ask which one was the better kisser.

"It's neck and neck between the caramel and dark chocolate," Sanaa says while blushing.

In the movie, Michael Ealy's character is a sociopath, stopping at nothing to get her back after a bad breakup.

From breaking into her house, to stalking her at work and making her life a living hell -- Sanaa and Sway exchange stories of crazy exes.