Romney asked if interracial dating a sin

It also fosters doubt in some members who stumble upon statements by past church leaders that are no longer accepted as doctrine.While we are not the only church with a history of racially-charged teachings, we are the only one that proclaims itself the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ, led by divine revelation to prophets and apostles (referred to hereafter simply as Right up front, I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, His restored church, and the validity of living prophets.

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But we live in the information age and enemies of the church, as well as genuine truth-seekers, are shedding light on aspects of our history that many of us would rather forget.

The answer, however, lies not in ignoring them or pretending that they didn’t happen. I absolutely agree, and I hope that you will trust me to be your guide, using scripture and teachings of modern prophets, through complicated history to the truth of God’s love for all and the beauty of the restored Gospel.

To be clear, when I speak of racist teachings I am not referring to misunderstood doctrine, such as the dark skin given to the Lamanites (more on that in an upcoming article), nor am I talking about prophets giving personal opinions during less-enlightened eras.

At this church the Rosa Parks bus boycotts were organized and Dr.

King preached brotherhood, love, and racial equality.

The service was standing room only; we barely got in.

The fellowship and affection between blacks and whites, even as total strangers, was palpable and real.

Afterward, I went with my friends to the nearby I reflected with wonder on how the efforts of those Civil Rights pioneers had literally changed the world.

While prejudice is not dead, it is nevertheless true that decades earlier my friends (who are black) and I could not have walked those same streets together without some form of persecution.

Our friendship would have been societally forbidden.

I was reminded of that wonderful Book of Mormon doctrine “Though these scriptures, and others like them, have always been a part of our doctrine, as a church we have an unfortunate history of racism that gives ammunition to our critics.