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Maybe some user added an SSH key and at the time there was a file permission issue that prevented that key from being added to the authorized_keys file.Solution The following rake task can "resync" all of the keys.

rails production log not updating-25

This is a sign that you have been using and upgrading Gitlab for a while and just found out you needed an upgrade to the apache gitlab-recipes.Solution for Apache: It's likely you don't have in your apache config for gitlab.Update your gitlab to the apache recipe for your version of Apache.Git Lab can help you checking if it was set up properly and locating potential sources of problems.The easiest way is by running the self diagnosis command (note that you must be in the gitlab directory when the command is run): If you are all green you should have eliminated most of the obvious error sources.

You should also check the sections below for your issue and follow the steps to fix it.

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If you forget the admin password (for [email protected]), you can easily change it using the rails console.

Reset your root password Error: clone from/push to the SSH URL given in Git Lab project page doesn't work The full message you get is as follows: $ git push -u origin master fatal: 'mygroup/proj1.git' does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

Problem Sometimes the authorized_keys file can get out of sync.