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Tom Zahari is a writer for the Detroit Tigers blog Motor City Bengals.

His opinions do not reflect those of the Detroit Free Press nor its writers.

As offense has evolved in 2016 with more run scoring, mostly behind the power of home runs, the Tigers have improved their run scoring, but stayed stagnant relative to the rest of the American League. In 2016, the Tigers are ninth in the AL in runs scored at 654 entering Wednesday’s game which put them on pace for 735.

They have scored more runs, but their standing has not improved.

In 2015, the Tigers had a slash line of .270/.328/.420 which was good for first, second, and fifth in the AL.

Much like 2015, the Tigers have a 2016 slash line of .265/.328/.433 which is good for second, fourth, and sixth.

The Tigers are toward the top in some of the major offensive categories, but are struggling to score runs.

Overall, the Tigers are the third worst team in the AL at scoring the base runners they put on base: just 29%, ahead of only Tampa Bay and Oakland.The first and simplest reason the Tigers are not scoring as many runs as others is home run hitting.Detroit is seventh in the AL in home runs at 186 entering Wednesday.The more complex reason is the Tigers’ lack of base running prowess or general competency.The Tigers are ninth in the American League in steals with 55, but steals do not tell the entire story.The Tigers are the worst team in the American League at taking extra bases (first to third or second to home on a single, scoring from first on a double) at 34%, while the average in the majors is 40%.