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You know, watch a little Carol Burnett, laugh till my sides hurt. And I was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day, after the boy died, I was able to wash my hands and come home to dinner. And everybody's looking at your old man to make decisions.

The others don't want to talk about it because it scares them. And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Chrissy, why can't I just bring him to a funeral home and make all the arrangements? What if this person that you're chasing is really here? In 16 hours I need to land at LAX, and I need that coffin to clear customs because there's going to be a hearse waiting there. Lost (2004–2010) is a television series, created by J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, about the aftermath of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island. So I started to count: One, two, three, four, five. I went back to work, sewed her up and she was fine. Please see the discussion page for formatting and inclusion guidelines. When I was in residency, my first solo procedure was a spinal surgery on a 16 year old kid, a girl.

And at the end, after 13 hours, I was closing her up and I, I accidentally ripped her dural sac.

Shredded the base of the spine where all the nerves come together, membrane as thin as tissue. And the nerves just spilled out of her like angel hair pasta, spinal fluid flowing out of her and I …

I'd let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing, but only for five seconds, that's all I was going to give it.

John Locke: You don't know who you're dealing with!

Boar's usual mode of attack is to circle around and charge from behind so I figure it'll take at least three of us to distract her long enough for me to flank one of the piglets, pin it and slit its throat.

John Locke: We know there are wild boar on the island. The ones that came into the camp last night were piglets, 100, 150 pounds each. A 250 pound rat, with scimitar like tusks, a surly disposition, who'd love nothing more than to eviscerate anything that comes near it.