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A module for ontology-oriented programming in Python: load OWL 2.0 ontologies as Python objects, modify them, save to OWL XML, and perform reasoning via Hermi T.

It can also generate dialog boxes for editing instances.python xmltv grabber for Sweden (source - aggregation, parsing of FIXML, FPML, XML, Json, FIX messages realtime data for storage, analytics to the Gold Sax Engine-****Markets or any other engine.

This can be used by any Trader, Market Maker, a Retail Investor, Instituitional Investor, Hedge Fund Managers, and Asset Managers.

Asprise OCR (optical character recognition) and barcode recognition SDK is a high performance royalty-free Python API library.It converts images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, etc) into text, xml, searchable PDF or editable RTF/Word formats.Data capture are supported for processing documents like invoices and forms.FLAT is a web-based linguistic annotation environment based around the Fo Li A format (, a rich XML-based format for linguistic annotation.Flat allows users to view annotated Fo Li A documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of linguistic annotation types is supported through the Fo Li A paradigm.

The Fo Li A Document Server is a backend HTTP service to interact with documents in the Fo Li A format, a rich XML-based format for linguistic annotation (

It provides an interface to efficiently edit Fo Li A documents through the Fo Li A Query Language (FQL).

Py NLPl, pronounced as 'pineapple', is a Python library for Natural Language Processing.

It contains various modules useful for common, and less common, NLP tasks.

Py NLPl can be used for basic tasks such as the extraction of n-grams and frequency lists, and to build simple language model.

There are also more complex data types and algorithms.