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But after drilling through the bullshit, those Red Pill truths are revealed.

After I signed up for several dating coaches free newsletters and read their blogs, I started seeing a very consistent pattern.

On the surface there is a lot of the typical “you’re a fabulous goddess!

But after I dug into the advice a bit more, I discovered that successful dating coaches for women are dispensing amazing amounts of Red Pill advice.

Here is the crux of the matter: If a dating coach gives bad advice, then he or she is a dating coach no longer.

This type of coaching is a business, a capitalistic enterprise.

Red Pill dating advice is successful and the successful dating coaches prove it.

” or aren’t sure about dating after 40, understanding men or writing your online dating profile, I can help.

We’ll transform the way you think about dating, so you can be the lovable, feminine presence you truly are and attract the lasting love you crave.

Ever since I found Evan Marc Katz, the concept of the dating coach has intrigued me.

When I first heard of this concept, I scoffed at the idea.

Of course, getting through all the feel-good fluff takes a little work.