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That video went viral and has been viewed more than 150 million times.

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She is the force behind Smash the Scale, Love the Mirror, #Fat Girls Can and The Abercrombie and Fitch Counter Campaign “Attractive and Fat.” Yes, she is The Militant Baker!During this podcast Jes talks about how a break up led her to the write the global viral sensation […] You know what? Yesterday I was told by the personal trainer that she basically didn’t want to train […] I took a big step yesterday and hired a personal trainer to work out with three days per week.I bought that sports bra, booked a new trainer, and already had my first workout session and yes, once again I was the only fat girl at the gym. Actually, I wanted to work out five days per week but she talked me down to three days.This episode we talk with award-winning burlesque performer, Lillian Bustle.You might have seen her TEDx talk Stripping Away Negative Body Image or heard her as the co-host of The Body Pos Cast.

She says she takes off her clothes artistically in front of crowds, which has taught her to love her body.I can’t wait […] So you want to be a plus size model?This episode is what you have been waiting your whole life for.I chat with plus size supermodel Liris Crosse, who I now have a girl crush on because she is straight talking and awesome.She’s paved her own way in the plus size modeling business and […] Amy Pence-Brown stripped half naked, stood blindfolded wearing a black bikini at a farmers market in Boise, Idaho.She asked strangers to draw a heart on her body in support of self-acceptance.