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The counselor says that some of these “scare the hell out of” her, but encourages the young girl to do what feels good to her and her boyfriend.

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The counselor also encourages the girl to watch pornography with her boyfriend and experiment with what they see.

Desecrating and urinating on partners is included in the “do what feels good” themed advice.

Sans, of course, cautions about bacterial infections and the possibility of dying of asphyxiation or other forms of violence that can result from these behaviors.

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Live Action’s latest undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood explores sex advice that the government-funded organization gives to kids.

The latest video in the series reveals more of the disturbing input Planned Parenthood counselors give to minors (which they receive tax dollars to do). This advice includes encouragement to participate in dangerous and illegal activity behind parents’ backs.In the newest video, an actress, posing as a fifteen-year-old, tells a Planned Parenthood counselor at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains that her boyfriend wants to “start trying some new stuff with sex” – an idea, she says, that he got from the book The counselor doesn’t ask the girl whether this is something she is comfortable with.She doesn’t caution against the dangers associated with BDSM (bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism) sex.These dangers include documented deaths in cases where boundaries were misunderstood or things got out of hand.Instead, the counselor jumps right into advice on practicing BDSM sex.She explains the different modes of pain that can be inflicted on sexual partners and devices that can be used to achieve pain.