Joe jonas dating quiz

So even though you have a shot, if you love Joe Jonas, you better strike while the iron (if not the starpower) is hot.

Cody was Gigi’s first serious boyfriend, and they were immediately the cutest young couple ever when they began dating in 2013.

Unfortunately, just over a year later, things fizzled out, and the two were broken up until late 2014.

During that break, the gorgeous model reportedly had a fling with Nick, although it was never totally confirmed and its extent is still unknown.

Possibly the most famous brothers on the planet, the Jonas Brothers came together as a band with Kevin and Nick on guitar and Joe and Nick as the lead singers.

Whether they’re on the set of their Disney Channel show “JONAS L.

A.” or rocking out with thousands of fans, they’re always having a good time and always putting smiles on the faces of their fans! ) sent the world “burnin’ up.” But it seems like the whole of the Jonas Brothers was greater than the sum of its parts. appearing on , a reality dating show for B- and C-list celebs where he’ll go from shacking up with hotties like Taylor Swift to letting everyday fans compete for his (and uh, The Situation’s) affection. (You can learn more about it and the rest of its stars here! (Could you picture Justin Bieber or One Direction doing that?! ), coupled with charm and good looks (remember that hair?Not that much time has passed, and you’d kind of figure a lot of girls (famous and regular types like you and me) would still love Joe Jonas, right? (Don’t tell me the you from three years ago isn’t squealing with joy.) Joe Jonas has gone from selling out stadiums, plastering his mug and those fierce brows on magazine covers, and making girls shriek, cry, and faint at the sight of him to . ) Remember, this is the guy who, along with his brothers (one of whom, Kevin, is getting his . We still think if he wanted to get a date that badly, Joe Jonas wouldn’t have that much difficulty–even if he’s not topping the charts anymore, he’s still young, good looking, and loaded…Not so much, if his solo record’s chart positions are any indication. Other Disney stars are still superfamous–Selena Gomez and Joe’s ex Demi are still selling out world tours, and Miley Cyrus is still considered A-list and dates Liam Hemsworth (jealous! Though perhaps his playboy rep is catching up with him in the Hollywood scene!Thankfully, the fact that the Jonas boys need to stay in the spotlight in preparation for their upcoming reunion album means you might actually have a chance to love Joe Jonas. On the bright side, Joe Jonas is one of the most sought-after male celebs on the show.