Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side summary

Marrying a vampire definitely doesn’t fit into Jessica Packwood’s senior year “get-a-life” plan.

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Join the Gi C Book Club in person at Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr, PA for our book club discussion on Saturday, May 23rd at 5 p.m. You can also join our discussion online in the comments below!We all know what Jessica was thinking the night Lucius bit her and made her his own. That One Night ~ a One-Shot By: Alittlebitlonger95Summary: We all know what Jessica was thinking the night Lucius bit her and made her his own. A/N sorry if Lucius seems a little OOC (out of character) but I like to think that even though guys seem all "macho" on the outside that they are really big softies. Antanasia, Jessica, the most beautiful creature on this earth. she was contemplating something, and what ever it was she wasn't going to drop it. "I'm not interested in your offer of flight," she pointed at the stake resting in my hand. That in your hand is the crux of my bargain, too"That caught me off-guard, I watched her every move. I pushed the thought out of my mind as I opened the door. We were in the heart of a labyrinth which was my study, which was the model of my little set up above the garage. Others will want your power and will not hesitate to do what I could not." This was true, this was what happened to our parents, and people were ruthless.But we don't know what Lucius was thinking himself. But we don't know what Lucius was thinking himself. I didn't want her to leave me; I wanted her to be safe. I stepped back, "After you." I motioned for Jessica to enter. As she stepped past me and muttered a quick, "Thank you."I quietly closed the door and turned around to see Jessica looking around in amazement and awe. I'm sure she noticed the bookshelves, couches, and my trophy but has she noticed the carpet yet? I keep it to remind me never to be an idiot again- indulging in ridiculous games when there is business to attendto." That wasn't a total lie. Especially to those who were not used to power as was Antanasia."You'll protect me. That is my offer, on the table" I spoke trying to push down my feelings for her. I could tell that she wanted to run, but she wouldn't. " Though she tried, the fear was obvious in her eyes, but her voice sounded as if she was discussing something as simple as Moby Dick."Yes, as you should be." She should be not just scared but terrified."Maybe, for once you were the one who was naïve. I knew she became frightened because she was completely lost. I could do what ever I wanted to and her body would never be found. Ah, how I relished her touch, but I can't think about that, not now. this is beautiful." She whispered, she was beautiful; I wanted so much to tell her that like the room she too was beautiful. From there, you will fly home and forget this entire episode. The crackling of the torches made the deafening silence almost bearable. If she challenged or pushed me to far we would both do something we would regret. I walked ahead of her, fully aware that she would fallow, I led her along the halls of my not so homey, home.

"I have done all that I could to keep us from this moment, but you refuse to cooperate. I will slip the bolt, you will slip into the night, and my guards will ensure your safe return to your car.

I tapped the deadly stake against the palm of my hand.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side nor will I ever this all belongs to Beth Fantaskey, except Lucius' thoughts and feelings expressed in this story.

"You brought your trophy home." She said almost sounding happy. Dorin did bring that back, but only because I requested that he bring it. And I'm stronger than you think." Yes she was stronger; I could not have given myself up like that to prove something."Indeed, stronger than me," I admitted, I even managed to give her a half-smile, although I was still much shaken.

It was the one reminder I had of my "teenage" days. "I did all I could to have my way- to keep you safe from me and our kind- but you would have your way, like a true princess.""I wanted you, Lucius.

And I truly did enjoy basketball; it was a very interesting sport. "Not to you." And that was true."I know, Lucius." She said quietly. If you are to do this, you will have to understand that . .""I don't want you to change, Lucius," She promised me looking into my eyes. I had to have my way." I have waited so long to hear those words.