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But she doesn’t speak to anyone in that city, and neither does her partner.

It must be some mistake, she figured, and called Rogers to complain.

They gently told the Scarborough mom to dial the number herself to check it out.

And then came the second shock: she had reached a phone sex chat line.

A loud confrontation with her 15-year-old son uncovered the story: her teen had lied about his age and over the last four weeks had surreptitiously been calling one of those sexy come-hither operators he’d seen advertised on late night TV. She’s blaming everyone from the phone company to the chat line and even the police for not doing anything to protect her son.

He’d dial the number and the sex line operator would then call him back collect. He kept calling back.” Not surprisingly, she’s furious with her son. The 40-year-old software architect is sickened by what her underage child has heard over the last month.At .99 a minute, for a minimum of six-minutes each time, he had racked up four hours worth of expensive dirty talk. “They say you have to be 18 to use it but it’s not enforced,” his mother complains.“Everybody knows exposing sexual content to a minor is wrong but you can’t fight it.My minor was subjected to who knows what kind of raunchy conversation?It’s not okay and I don’t even have anybody to yell at.” Despite days of digging, Lauren has been unable to track down the nameless company that owns the chat line. “I’ve spoken to five police officers and they say there’s been no crime committed because my son lied and said he was 18.That’s all that matters.” She’s also turned her anger on her phone company.