Gridview rowupdating event

If we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (Refer the debugging Screen Shot at the Top).

Text properties of the cells resolve to "" Here is the code for the event, followed by the gridview in the form (inside an updatepanel) Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. But what I would like to do is just do this: //Int32 i_ID = Convert. search Query: using (db Data Context _db = new db Data Context()) { var search Query = txt_Search_User.

So the index is never the correct index because the Load Grid() has loaded a different query to what was loaded from the first query but the data is coming from the same place. Empty) { var result = from u in _db.tbl_Users where u.

how can I use the ID of the row instead of the index as when i select the index and the Row Editiing Hits the Load Grid() the index has changed because the first query was from a search Query and the loadgrid is just a generic load Grid() to get all the columns loaded.

Service Area }; // check more than one character is entered // ======================================== if (search Query.

Service Area Id, Service Area = u.tbl_Service Area.

Text = " * Please enter at least one character in the search box."; } grd_User. Data Bind(); } } } catch (Exception ex) { Response.

So, in order to use the Row Editing event, you must provide the original data source, but don't Data Bind() or the View State will be destroyed and controls will be recreated and events will be erased and never called.