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Years later many have returned to the gentle art of modelling having found marriage, mortgages careers and other interests on the way.

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You never know this site may even encourage you to build.

So instead of adding to that expensive loft insulation why not take that trip down memory lane and build that early Frog kit, after all that is what it was produced for. But don’t forget you had no Airbrush, liquid glues or after market parts to help you then.

I will bet that the end result will be nothing like the previous attempt.

“With Glue and paint all over your fingers and the rush to finish the latest Frog offering the finished article is complete with huge gaps and finger prints on the transparencies and blobs of wet paint” For many of us who read this it will have struck a chord.

Our earliest modelling experiences were as youngsters who on a Saturday morning pocket money in hand would rush to buy the latest Models. Amazingly many of the original moulds continue to be used to this day.

The name Frog conjures up memories of these trips for the latest offering from Frog or even maybe Airfix. The poor model would either end up hanging from the ceiling or be destroyed in a mock dog fight.Interestingly both the Frog and Airfix factories were less than 4 miles apart. This together with the subsequent parental wrath for getting glue & paint on our clothes, the kitchen table, pets, sisters etc.Plus the odd visit to the local hospital having sliced into a thumb instead of plastic.These early experiences with model aircraft also taught us about aircraft & aviation.The early style narrative instructions (place the DF loop on the top of the fuselage) encouraged us to learn about the real thing.How many careers in aviation did these models launch?