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30 MINUTES OR LESS Written by Michael Diliberti & Matthew Sullivan 12-11-09 The following is very loosely based on some shit that actually happened... This is WILL (25), probably good looking in another life. Right now, he is tired and unamused, wearing a red "Giorgio's Trattoria" hat and a sweaty matching t-shirt. You sure you don't want to take the moral high ground?

OVER BLACK We hear the roar of a V8 engine, piped out through some throaty, fucked up muffler, as EXT.

HIGHWAY - DAY An '89 Mustang bursts like a shot over a rise in the highway. As he rushes to the front door, we see the urgent package he is delivering.

SUBURBS - DAY The car fast approaches a stop sign, dangerously blows through the intersection. MUSTANG - DAY - MOVING We don't see the DRIVER, only the redlining RPMs, Vans slip- ons working the pedals, wristwatch being checked. SUBURBS - DAY The Mustang fishtails around a corner and skids away. The wheel cranks right as the car turns onto a - One way street. The Mustang hops up onto the curb to avoid it, clips a trash can and - Garbage explodes like confetti. It's pretty much fucking impossible to get here in 30 minutes. That's why we ordered from your shitty "trattoria." WILL This is gonna come out of my paycheck. Just call the girls up and let them know the party's on. I'll tell you what, you give me the money that your mom left you for the pizzas, and I'll grab you some beers. WILL (CONT'D) (BEAT) But I get to keep the change as a tip. Well, two hustlers like yourselves gotta have the place stocked with beer and whippits and shit, right? WILL I really shouldn't do seem like a couple of good dudes.

As if sensing this, Will stops before getting into his ride.

A six pack of Budweiser rests in the passenger seat. Checks out a PRETTY YOUNG THING in the Jeep beside him.

Will cruises back into his own middle-class town in suburban Maryland.

His balding head is nearly translucent from absorbing a day's worth of pizza grease.

GIORGIO'S TRATTORIA - NIGHT Will enters and nods at CHRISTOPHER (40s), the manager.

I mean, the part where I had to drop off all those pizzas kinda sucked, but the rest was cool. So I'm gonna do the responsible thing and drink it myself.