Facebook app not updating status getting over rejection dating

The other feature is offline posting: you can now use and post your status updates/shares to Facebook even when you are offline (Airplane mode / no data etc.).

I used to tap the screen and see the latest posts or photos fairly quickly.Now I see the “Loading” message more than anything else.Even worse: I’m constantly pulling the screen down to refresh the data, even when tapping a Facebook notification takes me to a supposedly updated post.With the recent update, Facebook’s i Phone app changed one important feature: the “Most Recent” setting of the news feed.If you updated the app recently (to version 40.0), you’re most likely asking, “Where’s the Most Recent option for the news feed?

” While most of other new functionalities in the new update are cool, this is one feature that Facebook has kind of screwed up.

Thankfully, they didn’t completely remove the feature.

It makes sense to check out the most-recent status updates, photo updates and other shares from your friends and pages you’ve liked/subscribed to.

I don’t know why Facebook wants to change this default behavior to something that’s not so “current”.

In other things that have changed, Facebook app now lets you edit updates before you post them.

This includes viewing and removing suggested links based on your status update / link share.