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I will be talking about concepts like: None of that really made a lot of sense huh?

No worries, I am going to be going into so much detail on all of the points above that you will be begging me to stop ;).

So, rather than listen to me ramble on all day lets just cut right to the chase!

In fact, it’s so important that both my books, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO & The Texting Bible Use this concept.I thought a lot about how I could best explain this to you (I even spent 30 minutes mapping it out on my computer.) I eventually decided to explain it like this: Push/Pull Theory- A concept that states that we pursue that which retreats from us. Push/pull theory is a very important concept for you to grasp before you go out on a date.The puller (one who shows interest) will not be pursued by the pusher (one who shows disinterest.) Meanwhile, the puller (interest) will most likely pursue the pusher (disinterest.) Lets apply this new found, albeit complicated, knowledge to YOU! I will explain why in a moment but first I need to explain the effect push/pull can have on men.With over 7 million women just like you coming to this site ever year, I’ve seen about every situation you could imagine.Most of the time, I can just ask a few questions about your situation and know in seconds the chances that you have of getting back together with him.

I’ve compressed all of that wisdom into a single calculator What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back.

Throughout this site I talk a lot about how to get your ex boyfriend back.

I talk about the different strategies, tactics and methods that you can employ to help your ex find his way back into your loving arms.

Of course, visitors have often pointed out to me that one area that always seems to be lacking is my knowledge on what to do on a date with an ex boyfriend.

You see, I talk a lot about how to get the date but I never talk about the details of what you should do on that date to get him back. (If you would like to learn more about HOW you can get a date with your ex boyfriend click here.) Wherever I looked online I always seemed to come up empty in my research on what you should do on a date to get an ex boyfriend back.

Your specific situation is very different than the normal “what should I do on a date? That extra element that makes your situation unique, your ex, changes the rules on what you should do on your date entirely. It’s main focus is going to be helping you to understand how to reattract an ex while you are on a date with him.