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A closer examination showed that every swatch was different and they were all the same size.

And one was still clinging to this piece of very old paper. There was even an early novelty print, in the form of card suits.At this point I was convinced that these swatches were actually antique fabrics. It’s likely I’ll never know the answers to all my questions, but I’m sure there are some of you who can help me narrow down a date for them. There were several prints that were made in different colorways.My guess is that they were attached to a sample book or cards, and that someone removed them to use as quilt or crafting pieces. Using the information and photos in Eileen Jahnke Trestain’s book, I’ve placed them in her category of 1880 through 1910. About half of the swatches have a black background, but there are also some pretty, light prints in pink and white.Just when you thought I had more than enough quilt tops I got another.The pattern is Maple Leaf It might be difficult to see in the picture but the fabric is chrome yellow. The design and color first appears in Eileen Trestain’s book “Dating Fabrics A color Guide 1800 – 1960” in the 1830 – 1860 section (page 66) However Ely and Walker Had a mid 20th century line of fabric called “Quaker Chintz” and this was also one of the fabrics in that line that were produced into the early 80’s.

here is a great article about the fabrics Which ever it is I do know this in fairly old (or older than me) Here are some pictures of the fabric (click pictures to enlarge) I have another quilt top in the maple leaf pattern but different setting I was taking pictures of the maple leaf quilt top and had to hang up the thousand pyramids and take a few more pictures of it….

One of the reasons I keep returning to my local Goodwill Outlet bins is because I never know what will be found there.

It truly is a giant treasure hunt, with some people hunting for gold in the book bins and others hunting for silver in the toy bins.

Like me, there are those who are looking for textile treasures, so I have to really keep my eyes open and ready to spot something interesting.

On a recent trip I found a plastic baggie full of what looked to be at first glance, swatches of reproductions of antique fabrics.

I threw the bag in my buggy anyway to give it a closer look.