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I was already ready to remove the suspended system when understood that we still approximately at height of Empire State Building.

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But at that moment after a landing I was overflowed by one feeling �� mad pleasure of that I am living.

And only at night in the plane the clear understanding on the craigslist personals rockford way home came: "The captain speaks.

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Check its indications each some seconds, in this sport you do not need any surprises.

I feel how we start braking when the altitude indicator shows 4570 m.

The atmosphere becomes rather dense to slow down falling to speed in 200 brianna norton edward dating bell km/h �� usual at parachute jump.

And then, in two minutes and fifteen seconds of a free fall there comes the moment of which I so was afraid.

At the height of 1980 m without any prevention breakthrough pulls my feet down, and me �� up, and I hope that anything more similar to the last seconds lives of adult adult dating onenightstanddate com personals the hanged man will not happen to be tested to me any more.

The dome revealed without problems, and the simplification flows on my veins, as viscous drink.

Dangling over the earth, I take off an oxygen mask and I take some deep breaths.

I am so excited that the feeling of height is distorted.