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All updates are sent using a well-formed HTTP request.

See RFC 2616 for information about the HTTP Protocol.For web-browsers or utility programs (fetch, curl, lwp-request) that can parse authentication section in URL.Actual HTTP request should look like following fragment.Your DVR is supposed to update your IP address not DBMS server.That is why you enter your the DNS servers IP and login info in your DVRs ddns setting.

I use Nvrdns for multiple clients and when their IP changes sometimes it takes a few hours sometimes it takes one day sometimes it takes five minutes to update.i have entered the information into the section on the dvr control panel: DDNS Type: Dyndns DDNS (other options are private DDNS, NO-IP DDNS, CN99 DDNS)Server IP: freedns.Port: 80Domain Name: Your DDNS is not supposed to 'track' your IP, something in your home is supposed to send the update to your DDNS.Think about it, if your IP changes, how is the DDNS supposed to find your modem?Why are you using windows to update your IP anyway? And if you register in nvrdns.com, you can actually download a windows program that will update your IP for you to You have to install it in a computer running in your network and keep it running in the preferred way to do this is using a router that supports user-defined ddns services, such as one running dd-wrt firmware (a few others do let you define your own ddns services as well).this way it doesn't rely on the dvr or a computer on the network being up or running properly in order for the ddns entry to be that's not an option, you can run dynsite ( on any windows machine on your really doesn't matter whether the ddns updater runs on the dvr, a pc, or the router - it's updating the ddns server with the current "public" ip of your connection, an ip that all devices on the lan share.When a change in IP address is found or a user alters any of their settings, the client should perform an update.