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The 23-year-old singer has only just split from her long-term boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama but it seems she's wasting no time getting back onto the dating scene as she's believed to be romancing mixed martial artist Guilherme Vasconcelos.

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Demi Lovato is absolutely smitten with her new girlfriend Alexa Vega.

You may recognize Alexa Vega as the star of the “Spy Kids” trilogy or as the mean faced dyke next to Demi in the picture above.

We haven’t seen Demi Lovato this happy since she and her long time lover Selena Gomez broke up over a year ago.

However, from Alexa Vega’s jawline I can tell that she is “the man” in the relationship, a role usually occupied by Demi.

This may spell trouble for their relationship once the honeymoon phase is over.

It will be interesting to see if Demi Lovato will be happy in the long run as the “pillow princess” in this lesbian love affair, or will her inner masculine desires overcome her and force her to seek out strange pink to dominate and devour.

If the old saying is true that “a lesbian can not change her spots”, then the Demi Lovato Alexa Vega relationship is doomed.

Demi Lovato is reportedly dating a professional MMA fighter.