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A subject readers here at Healthy Pets and clients at my animal clinic are very interested in is the kind of food they should be feeding their dog or cat for good health.

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Now, if the diet you're serving your dog or cat happens to fall into one of the lower quality categories, I don't want you to beat yourself up about it.

As a general rule, people who are feeding their pets a lesser quality diet are doing so either because they can't afford a better food – or they simply don't know what constitutes good nutrition for their pet.

If you discover your furry buddy is eating from the lower half of the list, set a goal to feed a better quality food now that you know the difference, or when you can afford a more nutritious brand.

Again, everyone's pet food of choice can be found in one of these categories.

I encourage you to figure out where the diet you're serving right now falls in the list, and then strive for improvement by feeding more nourishing, species-appropriate food.

As a proactive veterinarian interested in sustaining the natural good health of my pet patients, I always encourage pet owners to evaluate their animal's diet, because food is the foundation upon which good or ill health is built.It's important to understand that food has the ability to heal or harm your pet, depending on the type and quality of nutrition you provide.The first factor you should evaluate is the species-appropriateness of what your dog or cat is eating.A species-appropriate diet contains lots of good quality protein as well as moisture.The protein is necessary because both dogs and cats are carnivores.High moisture content is required in order to prevent organ dysfunction, including kidney failure.