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Making a first phone call to talk or set up a date can be replaced with text messages, but if you must call, be short and polite.

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If a man wants to compliment his girlfriend, he should stay away from insincere cliches.

Compliment your girlfriend by paying attention to specific things that she does with tips from a dating author in this free vide... This is based On Doc Love's Dating Women Principles on the HYPER POPULAR Outlaw Dave Show on Clear Channel's 9-5-0 Radio Mojo in Houston, TX.

Dating can be hard when you’re overweight, but you have to remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Both BBW women and big handsome men have a hard time dealing with prejudice, but it sometimes seems that the majority of dating advice is aimed at females.

That, however, doesn’t mean that large men have it all figured out; on the contrary.

They also need to learn how to boost their confidence and ‘survive’ in the competitive world of online dating.Here are some useful dating tips for big guys who are looking for love: Large men often think that they will never find the woman of their dreams and that their physical appearance automatically disqualifies them from dating. Apart from the fact that many women prefer larger men, it’s important to remember that love is about so much more than just looks.Smart people always say that you have to love yourself in order to be loved by someone else, and we couldn’t agree more.Even if you do lose a ton of weight, there’s no guarantee that you are going to look like Hugh Jackman.The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to accept your looks and learn how to live with it.So many overweight people pick clothes that are too big and loose in order to conceal their weight, and we can’t stress enough how wrong that is.