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The Ani Hotel, where tourists from abroad also stay, is no more than ten minutes walk away along Abovyan Street.

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The restrained movement of the hand, the slight inclination forward, as if taking a step into the future, give the sculpture a sense of purpose and movement.[The statue is now laying on the ground with its head detached behind the National History Museum, in its courtyard, if you ask they may show it to you.] Sergei Merkurov, people’s artist of the USSR, was born in the Armenian town of Alexandropol (now Leninakan) [Now Gyumri, a derivative of its original Armenian name, Gumayri].He attended art college in Germany (1902-05) and then went on to study further in Paris under Auguste Rodin in 1909.The entire following text [with the exception of my comments and additions in brackets] are from the book Yerevan: A Guide, published in 1982 in Soviet times.There is a lot of communist info in this book, which I left intact for you to experience as well.

The material is nicely presented in the form of walks around town that take you to these sites.You should note that not all of these places are intact. Many thanks to Route: Lenin [Republic] Square—Government House—the “Singing” Fountains—Shahumyan Boulevard—The Park of Communards—Sundukyan Theatre—Ararat Wine Processing Plant—Brandy Distillery—River Hrazdan and ravine. Cities, like people, are beautiful each in their own way.Some are lovely seen from a height, others unfold their delights gradually as you get to know them.Finally, there are cities whose charm is composed of subtle nuances, distinctive atmosphere, and a special sensation imparted to those present in them. Its geographical position, climate, vegetation, and, of course, tufa, the stone of which many of the city’s buildings are built, all contribute to its appearance.You notice the cheerful pink colour of the stone as soon as you enter the Armenian capital.Our advice is to begin your tour of Yerevan from Lenin [Republic] Square, a convenient spot, because this is where most foreign visitors stay, in the Armenia Hotel.