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An honors graduate from London’s famed Italia Conti Performing Arts School, Ballas has extensive experience telling stories through acting, dancing and song.

In addition to his upcoming Broadway performance, Ballas is also part of Alexander Jean - the musical duo he shares with the beautiful and multi-talented BC Jean.

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AXS: Many people know you from your time on Dancing With The Stars. Mark Ballas: Even before I had decided to come out to Los Angeles to pursue a television career I was doing musical theater.

That was the thing that actually got me into doing entertainment and wanting to perform.

I went to the Italia Conti Performing Arts School in London where I graduated with a degree with honors and have performed in a Buddy Holly show as well as because I’ve been a fan of that show ever since it came out.

They do a great job of picking people that are entertaining and fun.

But if he does return, he’s already got his dream partner picked out: “I don’t know.

you know, it’s hard.” He’s speaking about his back injury that he suffered during season 22, while in rehearsals for a salsa with Paige Van Zant. himself Ralph Macchio, this is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet. I think people are going to like her because she’s a really cool girl. Celebuzz caught up with two-time champ — the certifiably hunky Mark Ballas, to get the dish on this season, his partner Chelsea Kane, and he even gives a comparison from his last partner, the much-discussed Bristol Palin. It’s only been a week so far, but it’s a great time. She’s never danced before, but she shows a lot of potential and has a lot of personality. I’ve had eight partners now, so I don’t really compare them. Although many recognize Ballas from his ten-year tenure on ABC’s hit show, Dancing With The Stars (where he won two coveted “Mirror Ball” trophies), Ballas’ original passion lies in musical theater.