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Judi, who is currently in the midst of promoting her latest movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, wrapped up warm in the Big Apple, teaming a long cream jacket with matching trousers and a wooly scarf.Mills kept close to her side, as Judi flashed a smile to the waiting photographers.

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It managed to make £3.74 million in its first four days, knocking the much-talked about Fifty Shades Of Grey down to second place, according to Screen Daily.

BEIJING—Long after the closing ceremonies of last August's XXIX Olympiad, participants and spectators from around the world were still talking about the incredibly lifelike, almost realistic atmosphere the nation of China was able to bring...

NEW YORK—NFL players were quick to capitalize on the distraction Plaxico Burress created by shooting himself at a Manhattan nightclub last weekend, embarking on a crime spree that has claimed an estimated 300 lives and inflicted more than...

Before designing Michelle Obama‘s inaugural gown, designer Jason Wu created dolls of transvestites and drag queens, like Ru Paul and Amanda Lepore! Not to say it’s a bad thing, but it’s all a bit crazy isn’t it? Dench’s estranged father 112-year-old, Reginald Arthur Dench—”a recovering alcoholic and ex-convict—has publicly condemned the romance.” What a family!

But the Onion then reports that Dench has been behaving super erratically, showing up late and hung-over on sets and even reminds us that Dench once showed her crotch after having been pulled over by police! He teaches tennis and other sports at the resort where Amy stayed before she moved to the villa. Would have been interesting to see potential catfights between Holden and the younger (and less articulate) Brook! After Kavita Barala trains to navigate a multi-role fighter aircraft, she will become the first Indian woman to sit as co-pilot in the cockpit of the fighter jet. But her returning from work so soon after maternity has angered many French women and attracted praise from others.

That’s all great of course, I can only commend women who don’t let age get in their way and have fun even in their 70’s. Looks a bit too much like a frickin’ Hollywood production. He is another clean-cut, handsome, healthy bloke, much like Josh. It’s a shame; except for Simon, the current judges are quite boring.. For the first time, the IAF will have a young woman reaching out to the skies as its first woman flying officer. Her sharp looks and sense of style have earned her appreciation from men and women alike.

The Onion magazine is reporting that the 74 year-old Dench has been dating a 32 year-old female DJ. The music is pretty, Michelle’s pretty, Barack seems like a plausible, charming leading man. It feels like a movie and not like the introduction to the President of the United States. Beyonce singing with her audience, people holding lighters.. The paper quotes a source as saying: “She has had her eye on this bloke for a while. The show’s producers must have wanted to recreate the wild success of adding judge Cheryl Cole to the judging mix on X-factor.. Seventy-five years after its formation, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has finally broken the gender barrier. Born to a Moroccan father and Algerian mother, Dati is the first Muslim to attain such a high position in French politics. She wanted to do it very badly,'” the paper reports.

Britain’s the Sun newspaper has revealed Amy Winehouse is currently seeing one of the resorts’ tennis instructors. Michelle Obama is wearing a beatiful yellow dress at the inauguration of president Barack Obama, taking place right now. But it’s become clear the format doesn’t support another judge and we will never add a fourth judge to the panel.” According to the Daily Mirror, Brook – who is dating England rugby union international Danny Cipriani and is the former girlfriend of American actor Billy Zane- has been left “stunned” by the decision. With an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide who will watch the inauguration, let’s hope she doesn’t screw up her lines! Speculations spread in the media like wildfire and a number of high-profile candidates were suggested. According to the New York Post, Cindy Mccain was banned by her husband from participating in reality TV show, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The newspaper said, “Our impeccably placed source says, ‘Just before Thanksgiving, Cindy Mc Cain started talks with producers to appear as a dancer on the show. S., evangelicals would probably have thrown stones at the beautiful gal!

But my cous insisted I add that apart for that weird (and slightly stomach-churning) moment, Amy was really lovely. While Amy is still married to Blake, she has already been pictured with actor Josh Bowman for the past few weeks and it now seems she has already moved on to another guy… Update: Michelle was wearing Cuban American designer Isabel Toledo January 20, 2009. In a statement, Simon Cowell said: “I have genuinely enjoyed working with Kelly, she is absolutely lovely and a complete professional. Elizabeth is a friend of Barack’s and has been nominated for Pulitzer prize in the past. Her whole pregnancy had already been marred by gossip as the minister has never revealed who the father is. I’ve always dreamed of being famous.” Brazil is so much more liberal on that front than we ever were in Europe – and in the U.

My cousin was in St Lucia until a week ago and told me that on one evening she saw Amy on the floor, completely drunk, without any panties on. She was starring alongside fellow judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden. Elizabeth Alexander, a 46 year-old professor of African-American studies at Yale, will join Barack Obama on the stage right after his inauguration speech, to recite a poem. The 43 year-old French Justice minister caused controversy by returning to work only five days after giving birth to her first child by cesarean. Patricia Araujo, 25, afterwards told O Dia newspaper “I love to be mobbed by the press.

The footage above was recently filmed during Amy’s stay at the St Lucia resort and while it makes clear that Amy still has her amazing voice, it doesn’t mean the Winehouse is any less crazy. After just six days on the job, British actress/TV presenter/”glamour model” Kelly Brook has been axed from her judging stint on Britain’s Got Talent. Love or hate her, you’ve got to hand it to Rachida Dati! Rio closed its fashion week with a transgendered model/actress.