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But that doesn't mean we're weirdos destined to be single for life.In fact, there are 12 reasons that being a "cat lady" actually means we make the BEST girlfriends!If you're looking for someone who isn't scared of thinking long-term, a cat lady is just what you need.

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So if your relationship hits a rocky point, we won't just run away and give up.8.We've learned to appreciate the simple things in life. They may not respond to us, but we always listen (and often respond) to their meows.This inter-species communication definitely gives us good practice at trying to solve issues with other humans! In fact, we thought we’d help Debbie find her soul mate. e Harmony doesn’t have video profiles, but this woman is GOOD, and we love it.

We drafted some e Harmony employees and shot a response, also below.

And now, there is a collection of similar spoof videos popping up — Debbie, Lib Dem lover, beer guy– we love them all so much we want to put them in a basket.

Fluff’s been your constant companion since you brought him home…anyone who loves you has to love him, too.

Whether Fluffy’s a cat, a horse or a tarantula you can bet there’s a dating site out there dedicated to finding a match made in heaven for animal lovers just like you. Pet People is a “free to browse” dating site for people who want meet single pet lovers nearby.

The Pet People Meet site touts a large community of pet owners who want to meet other likeminded people.

Pet People is designed to bring singles who value their pets together.