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While filming a movie in Istanbul, Liam Neeson was quoted as “thinking about becoming a muslim” in response to the call to prayer.

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Later it fell into the hands of the Boii, a Gallic tribe, and from that time took the name of Bononia, whence the present form.

The regions round about having been laid waste by the continual wars, in 189 B. the Romans established a colony thee, which was enlarged and beautified by Augustus.

After Byzantium had broken the power of the Goths in Italy, Bologna belonged to the Exarchate of Ravenna (536).

By the donation of Pepin Bologna was made part of the patrimony of the Holy See, but during the disturbances of the ninth century was wrested from the popes.

At the beginning of the ninth century it was laid waste during the incursions of the Hungarians.

Otto I did much to restore the city to its former condition giving it the privilege of enacting its own laws and making it directly dependent on the imperial authority. During the struggles between the empire and the popes, the city took the part of the latter and was enable to assert its independence, which was definitely recognized by Henry V in 1122.

Bologna was among the first to join the Lombard League.

From 1153 it was ruled by podestas, who were for most part foreigners.

From the accession of Frederick II, Bologna was rent into the two factions of Guelphs and Ghibellines, the former being in the majority.

On 26 May, 1249, the inhabitants of Bologna in the battle of Fossalto conquered the troops of Frederick II under the leadership of King Enzo (Ezzelino); Enzo himself was taken prisoner, and neither the threats nor the promises of Frederick availed to secure his liberty.

He remained in captivity until his death, eleven years later, although for the rest he was always treated with the greatest consideration.