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However, technically, there’s no law preventing a child under 18 from smoking tobacco, they just can’t buy it.Also, children under 18 can shoot at the gun range and go hunting with a valid license.An 18 year old is also considered an adult for crimes committed.

At 12, a child may object to the appointment of a guardian if his or her parent pass on.Also, at 12, an adoption can’t be finalized without the consent of the child. Emancipation generally occurs when a child reaches the age of majority (21), but can occur earlier due to marriage, entering active duty in the military, etc.Despite this, a parent has to consent to medical treatments for a child under 18, unless the child is at least 15 years old, is living away from his or her parents, and is paying his or her own expenses.Welcome to the Colorado Law section of Find Law's State Law collection.This section contains user-friendly summaries of Colorado laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Colorado's official online statutes.

Please select a topic from the list below to get started.Colorado statutes or laws assign different ages of majority or consent for different activities.The legal age of majority is 21, unless another law permits that action to be taken earlier.Currently, most age related privileges come at the age of 18.The table below explains some of the legal age laws in Colorado. At 21 years old, a person in Colorado can purchase alcohol or enter a casino.At 18 years old, a person in Colorado can buy cigarettes, a handgun, or lottery tickets, pawn their things, get married without their parents consent, and vote.