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So Topping, a Pentecostal, did what millions of other Christians worldwide have done in recent years to find their soul mate: she went online, figuring it was less awkward and in some ways safer than going to church mixers or answering newspaper personals.

A few weeks later she noticed one email from an interested party—a man in the small northern Saskatchewan town of La Ronge. About seven months after going online, Sharon flew the 6,000 km to meet Fred, and “it was like we had known each other for years.” The couple was engaged seven months after the trip, married in June 2005, and now live in La Ronge. “There is no way this could have transpired without God,” she says, noting that her biggest adjustment, apart from going from city to rural life practically half a world away, was worshipping at a considerably smaller church.

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March/April 2006 Issue COVER STORY: Meeting Christians Online: Does Internet Dating Really Work?

By Ron Csillag Internet dating services are not only an effective means for Christian singles to meet other Christian singles—they have also become a booming business.

It’s not often that loneliness, dating and the Internet all combine to strengthen someone’s religious faith, but it did for Sharon Topping. “I needed a friend,” says the mother of three grown sons.

In November 2003, the 49-year-old divorcee was living in St. “I longed for the companionship of a male.” She had one major proviso for a mate: he had to be a practising Christian.