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Another optional item to collect would be the upgrade to the old Boomerang from past Zeldas.As you know, you can buy the regular version for 300 Rupees in the town shop, but if you get this one first, you save yourself that money.Anyway, after you get the Mole Mitts, you'll find 4 Tingles scattered throughout Hyrule.

Go into each of those caves and hit a switch to partially open the middle area.

Do this with all 4 and a ladder will appear in the middle; go down and open the chest to get the Magical Boomerang.

The locations of those Tingles are as follows (you may need certain items to reach them): Ankle: Lon Lon Ranch David Jr.: Lake Hylia Knuckle: Trilby Highlands Tingle: South Hyrule Field When you unlock the dream simulation shop pay 10 ruppees to try it.

To The Samurai Training Center In Upcoming 3DS Title The game opens up the mythic land of Hyrule.

No longer will you be constrained by the need to go from dungeon to dungeon along a linear path.

The game is fully open world and will take a long time to traverse across.Thankfully, there are two things: a stunning beauty, and the return of Epona, Link’s beloved steed.The horse has been given new, more realistic AI that will ensure she doesn’t run into things, because horses are smarter than that.It also frees up your controls for more fun things, like swinging a sword, shooting a bow or, as Eiji shows off, jumping off Epona in slow motion and then bullseyeing a wandering monster.Game Awards, Full Stream Location: Where To Watch The Wii U Gamepad will act as the map.Players can mark locations on the television screen and a waypoint will show up on the Gamepad, allowing them easier access to where they want to go.