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The advanced search option allows a user to enter virtually any aspect of the patent or product to find the patent number and other related information.

Because searching through existing patents is an important part of the patent process, the USPTO also has a convenient patent search function on its website.

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The USPTO Web site can be word-searched using the First Gov search engine.

Use the Search button in the toolbar above to conduct a text search of informational pages on the USPTO Web site.

You can restrict your search to some selected portions of the site by choosing a folder of related Web pages from the dropdown menu on the site search page.

Patents, Trademarks and information about large groupings of very similar items are not contained on Web pages but are accessed through online database systems that are linked to from our Web pages and cannot be searched using First Gov.

In order to search each database, you must connect and follow its specific directions.

Below are connections to our search and status systems as well as links to material on our site that can be useful in crafting and conducting search queries.

We have also included links to some popularly-requested non-USPTO databases.

How to search for patents at a PTDL Use of TIFF viewer for patent images See Notes below for more hints about using and viewing the patent database Patent kind codes (numbering formats) About access to and status of pending published applications Tables of patent and patent application database contents: describe search resources for the classified areas of science and technology found in the USPTO Manual of Classification.