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If you don't like playing sports, go to watch a game of softball and start a conversation. They will have all sorts of different activities for you to get involved with including volunteer initiatives, movie nights, book groups and the like. There may be events listed, as well as personal ads.Speaking of personal ads, go on-line and see what other lesbian singles are out there.The internet is also a great resource for finding other events that are happening around your neighbourhood.

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There is one speed dating company that has been holding event for lesbian clientele, consistently since 2003, and yes, that would be us!

In one night you'll meet up to 15 single lesbian singles.

These events are so popular that it is one of the only events where when we are finished running the event, all the ladies remain chatting and the percentage of lesbian singles that get at least one match is often around 90%!

Bisexual Men of Toronto (Bi Mo T) offers a community where bisexual/pansexual/fluid men and men questioning their sexuality can share diverse perspectives on bisexual issues and experiences.

All men are welcome, including transgender and transsexual men, and genderqueer folks.

We provide support, a social network, information and referral to other organizations and services.The meetings involve discussion on topics brought up by those in attendance, and often include: - relationships - safer sex - our place within the larger queer community - biphobia - coming out - the meaning of bisexuality and pansexuality - and more!In order to create a safe space, confidentiality is emphasized.Afterwards, there is an opportunity for informal social time at a nearby restaurant or bar.When you're a lesbian single, it can be hard to know where to meet other lesbian or bisexual singles.If you're not into the bar scene but just want to meet other lesbian singles, where do you go? Some sports are known to have many lesbians players and some leagues are specifically for lesbians.