Bichatrooms use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

i feel for your friend, it has to be difficult for her to question their marriage and the what ifs.

again i go back to the fact that he is married, and chatting is chatting with a man or woman.

i hope he can talk openly with her about his desires and what his interest in this is.

Hey perty, Thanks for responding....has addressed the issue of 'chatting' in general....

She is just scared that he may have tendencies to explore this.

She has two young children, they just got married in the Catholic Church, just decided to send their oldest to Catholic school...da ya da ya da.

MY best friends husband has been talking to gay males in an internet chat room.

She has tracked the conversations, and none were explicit.

He did state that he was 'curious', but had never ventured to the other side before.He had a conversation w/2 other males....about 10 minutes each.In additon, he explained to his wife that he had a curiosity in looking at the stuff, but has never felt the desire to do anything in 'real life'. i know this is the time of open sexuality and such, but if my dh was chatting online to gay men, id not be happy!!what is the difference if he is talking to a man or woman, he is married.maybe he has always had a curiousity but has been too afriad to test the waters.i think the first thing your friend needs to do is get him into therapy if he isnt sure why he is doing this.