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CIHM Microfiche Series (l\Aonographs) i CMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) 111 Canadian Inathut* for Hiatorlcal MIeroraprot Juetlona / Inathut Canadian da microrapraductiona Mttoriqiiaa 995 Ttchnical and MMtefraplite Nam / No Mi t Mhniq Hn M MMia«rap M«im Ti M Inttitun hat attamptad to oblatii tha bast orifinal copy anilabta for IHoiini. ^°" ^' IS one of the princioal ohi«-t^r,c * '^'^^hich, to my mind, as I said befo Ega^s^e^ ° t be ^^^"^ **'^^- »"*- ha. ^ ttoe is an en7o7V.^^ '**'"^*^"S Maud turned her eye; slowly awa^fr^ ^h.^.' '"^""'••" with them the near exna W ^^t^ T ^''^ '*°'^°°' swept younger. ^"8 ^^"^ about he; She put her dau^&Sfyln'L'e S " b S.*° T'"' never attempted to charm ^yo„e'^ Ihe V^p^i^tlyt THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 3 AU her being se Ue Tto'b^-bc SLVu Tln TKfff "^^y- love upon him dunng the whole of his fifteen ve J^ l,lfli bruised reed had broken at last in her h^d stl h ^ **^!? And th Tn too th^r 'T^ always been the possibi Utv that Maud w Sthy Tnd-S^l™^ ^Z^ -very sedulous in his attentions. d"d5=H£rs2ra S^d"xt^S^^^^^^^ uncertain on this point But what Pv^r ti T ■ ^ ^^* Of course it was very sweet of her to d^^^tlu ,x ^ "• sparingly to dear little Bunny but Ladv Briln "^^ "^ '"'■ of the opinion that she wasted a g Se! She was twenty-fivr Sreadv Lh ^*"' ^f"" end their days in the workhouse ^ ^ ^' ' ^^^^ *°'^«* Lady Brian had relations in the North, but, as she was 4 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE H^'rina'^S^^i^l J^X -3^c U„^ to be kind to her. ^ °* '^' downs or other of his favo^ e p^t Sies m S,."? It would be a quick way out of th^^ffi culty so far as I am concerned, anyway" "^ °' ^^e - Only once -and that for how short a time I-had life ever seemed desirable «n her eyes. Then he turned, seized a decanter, and poured some wine into a large, old- fashioned glass goblet. T^ %''"'* °f,^""^hin« h^d warmed her%ired soul She lifted her face with a gesture that was half instinctive and he stooped at once and kissed it ' Jrlh^'J' " r^ P«tty y°wng woman," he said, pattin. " At least, you might be if v™ weren't so painfu Uy thin. ""'^ °'- ^"PP"' ^^ • " U"'^^^ Edward demanded •■ He is a very great American surgeon— a friend of Take's He was with us when-when I began to be ill Andi^d f "He i, T '" f ^^''^ ^7'' '^''" '^^"d spokfhalt Sj have i Tv^ if'^t h^H Tk' ')' 'V^- " ' don't think I shou d tiave lived if ,t hadn t been for him.

Faaniraa of thii copy tahich may ba MMioinphiaally unlqua, whkh may ahar any of ttw inia9aa m Ilia raproouction, of Mh Kh may tifnifleantlv chanfa tha uiual mathod of fihnint, an □ Colourad eo Mfi/ Coinartura da coulaw □ Cooan damafad/ Couvartuia andommatia □ Covart rastorad and/or laminatad/ Couvartura rattauria at/on pa Mi eu H a □ Conr t JHa minina/ Lat Hra D D D n Colowad mapi/ Canaf (iotrapliiqiiai an ooulaiif Cok Hirad ink (i.a. aiitra qua Maua ou noira) Cokrarad platat and/or ilhistratiom/ Plandiat at/ou illuttratiam an coulaur Bound with othar malarial/ Rali4 avac d'autrai documanti 0Ti|ht Mndin* may cau M ihadowi or dittartion ahmi intarior margin/ La raliwa larria paut cauaar da I'ombra ou da la distortion la long da la marga inviriaura □ Blank laams addad during rastoration may appaor within tha taxt. D Additional commants:/ Cofflfflantairat supplimantairat: L'Institut a microfilm* la maillaur a Mamplaira qu'il tui a M posti Ma da sa proaurar. She was a ve Vv nrettv wnl ^^v ""^^ ^^ softly-tinted, with a spedes nf L ? ^°\^^ ^^en one Nothing had come of ^ht ™^''' ^^'"P* him thither, pleasant, half jo C acqul?! '*'^'^ °f ^hich of the worthy I^^dlo S's rolhc S f l.** "^"^ *™ hold It quite diffic W to te^ he S^t; y '^^' '^' ^"^ ^°^^ fin SSn^dll^S^J^^i-S,^ and she had X^a^farro Jtre Jtrt^^"^^ of a very slight «d frot KL^.^T.? " I mean "But-but-Mother "-there was almost a cry in the 6 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE ^:1^'JZZ'l~'''' ^"''* '*^*' '"^*"' decided upon what Lady Brian sighed again. A brief and splendid dream had been BT'ttr H**^'"^ K^! golden sunrise over her whole honzon But the dream had faded, the sunrise had been extinguished m heavy clouds that had never again parted. You've' been verf i I c^ see you re hardly fit to travel alone now. He made me live " SDoke With \°Z t ^°"'" ''"^''''' *' h' • " Uncle Edward spoke with a mighty contempt. nf h'' I'^^f '" ^ ^°'''°' ^^ ^V 1"^, and I Consider H's one o he chief reasons why I've hved ^o long. .'"*y °^ ^'''^ ^i^ ^"d exercise and good me STor m J' J^'*!

Whanasar poisibia, thasa haaa taaan omittad from filming/ II ta paut qua cartainat pagat blanchat aioutiat km d'una nttauration apparaitiant dans la laxtt, raais. Las d Mails da cat axamplaira qui torn pawt-^tra unlquat du point da (ua hibllog n phl q ua. ou qui pauaant axigar una modification dam la m Mioda normala da f ibnaga wnt mdiquii ei-dastout. 'T'\^^^' ^'^^PP-d •■ Of course, I know he d^sn't co^n"" ? ^^"^,^'; ^'^'^^^' save a proprietor of the i^^c^r Voterd; L,r.*'? them which had been se U estabhshed in ^^Xtk.^SS'^^'TS^.; THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE j Jou^.r? "ie1Jlh*°.'Vr' ''°"«^'''' ^^ hotly, was too horrible too r^vn Uin™ i cu ^ escape. Su-^5;;^.| ^f Sl SSil&^^ed- bea SKsler^SX'Sr^"*'^^^-^^^^^ late^r Slll Ji^ter^r.^^^"*^^^'^' "" ^^^ ''^ ^^^ th: Jrftnt r Soi." ^«^^"' ^""-^ "''^ ^ ^•'^"enge. She knew life now for a grey, grey dreariness on which no light could ever shine again She was tired-tired to the soul of her • and she was only twenty-five. You may marry first and you may think for a tune that a U is going to be well between you, but there'll come a day when you'U wake up and find that in spite of all you haven t won her. Peojle t k a deal too much about their health nowaday! '"^ "°"°- ""^ "^^^^t'^ docfors' messes for me 1 Now, that man of yours he's a healthv of T^' 7 "' ^T'*- ' "''^'^ '""^ '""ks'^of h'm and the S of him, too. \*«" as I that if Charhe refuses tc, help a U hope ,s gone.

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10X 14X ~ 18X sx ax XX J ux KX XX 24X TUX T] 32t Tt M copy f Umad har* has baan raproduoad thank* to tha ganaraaltv of: National Library of Canada L'axamplalra film* fut raprodult grtea k ia g4n°'' than have you do this thing re Iuy,°;ou Tnow de'ST^.'ni^' ^'^hed Lady Brian. .» ^"^ ^''^ y°« to marry Lord Saltash a Jthnu^h "^''^'' ^''^" ^^^^d you it was^S; one grtri So? See that fellow down there tryinl to make his nag go into the sea ? The weight of it went in with the other b.-rdens of life. Moreover the offensive clamour of the gramophone overhead added to her alacrity to obey his behests. " Of course— of course — I shall keep my word with you. But let me do the fixing for you 1 I know just what you want. " Jake, if you meet — my step-father, you will not — not " " Most unfortunately I can't," said Jake. For good or ill, he would stick to a bargain, be he said, ke him fas too led the I." said Shall THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 83 : me to n after rstand, m you o stick rse — of a little U, you r you 1 ither." leasily. and no power on earth would divert him therefrom ^ She shivered suddenly and violently as she walked THp I stals ^"'=°""'«^^'l her mother as she mounted the hotel " Jh^' u^ '^^^'' ^^^^ y°" "« ^t last I " was her Ereetine B^rir ""TTf^ "^°"* y°"' Come into my S" '^ beera Kor'sorg^^'- ' """^^ '^ *° «"""/ He has cartrin The^s S^.^* ^"^ ^ ~"'' s more or less acquired. His touch had been so strong and withal so gentle THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 97 burned my m„e"'™«- ' " «»l Smg to have my g W « n.™, who ...ln=d'o.«t- Jl^S-^-a'SS: the old man spoke ^"^^ T**^" abrup Uy yo; S? " creation, good enough for Jake's stern face relaxed slowly ■• i Hn„'f .1 • . r.* *^*™ ^° be points." ' ^'''' ''"'I reckon I've got some- sn^^d ^Edwa^T'" ^°°' ^"""^^^ *° ""^"^ -V -ece ? You seem to think I've n Llected my duty, though heaven knows these Brians have no claims Z.i T- ? ""6 "^'^ ' You'll find the gine's not worth the candle. And the good woman trembled a little in spite of herself. " He shot the question with an abruptness that found Maud v^^unprepared. my aew- 1 i ip him off his perch if he crows too lon H I " Maud smiled her faint sad smile and rose '"t L * complammg of anyone, Uncle Edward You mustn'Uu Z frh Tirhea,ed"^t/- Xwlr/l";, ^^^^ ^^S n L/ein-a-" -'--"- Go by all means I " said Uncle FHwar H •• v - ^ , you're old" e™wing up around you— even when Imklone" * "" 'l"»l'-ll«l I'd rather- 304 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE long. She could not face another storm such as that through which she had just come. "And protested Udy Bna.^ ^.°JJ,t^ T '^"''^ 'l"-*'"" "." Mother, how can you e„dure fhe man ^' Ho'™^"' '"'^* ' single moment demean yom SM k" th. " yo"rseu by the bare idea of— of Lady Brian sighed again. It's going to be a b T job Lrt's go down and see it done I " ■« j""- i-ei s „„^i T/? And the day was bright and warm with a south wind blowing over a sparkling sea It would do Bunny good to go out. It was not always that he would consent to do so after a sleepless jught. Jake opened it and read : " Dear Bolton, „,».„ T "J ""^^T* *.° ^"*^'' •" ^^'■''' *°d ''«aven alone knows why I am here. But I have a little pride left — just a Uttle — and " " And I'm to humour it, eh ? It's only for a few days, either." He smiled at her, and she yielded. tke, if Id her i-byc I is too is you dread word, could in, be ^^f? In an^^as H, any c" e l7t Mr sf "'" ^™ ""l P'°™'^^- And you had better not keep out of^l Pw '"'''^? " ^ inevrta We'"'"^'l%™if hr^-'^^ °t°"' ^''° ^"'^™t^ t° the thlt'Sd all Lrt Ter S'est ^"'' "*' *'^' "" '^^^ ^""^ And with the words she passed with finality out of her mother s room and went away upstairs without^a backward Mrs Sheppard sat down and shed a few petulant tear, over her child's waywardness. " I'U settle this old firebrand " ^ ." Sru°'.*'~3"^? " hi Sdi Eo S: -r S " ' ^'^^^ -'^^ ''^ ^ -tter I y^'^ °l^^"^:^T^l T;o^L7l'''' T''^^- "Shall man? " said Uncle Edward " That ™ love with her, I suppose ? J^ ^^d * '*"« giri- She's gen Ue, which IS niore than can be said for most of your modem young women. You have a Uttle patience 1 Let the eirl come to me for a bit I I may be old, but I'll protect her And If you care to come after her, and do a little courting now and fo Kt" * "°* * ^^'^ '"^^* ""^^"^ *°^ ^^^' ^^^ ^ ^•'^'t He ceased to speak. She felt as if the Angel of Death had suddenly entered the quiet room to share her watch. She made an involuntary moment o1 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 303 mv dear 1 Tin hi™, ^« u- . There's a library that may amuse you, but that's all 1 can offer in the way of entertainment." '' Oh, I don't want entertainment." Maud assured him. He seems a bit out of temper about something," Martha's round eyes suddenly conveyed sympathy that shone out lo Maud like a beacon in the dark- ness. Above all, she could not face the morrow and its possi- bilities in this house. nearly Tade he^^asn ^t T^^•* '"1^'*'' ^ suddenness that Edw L's summon^ Zd tht h "' '^'^ l! me waiting for you We^^ria'd Tdr ^'" '^'^ " ""^^^^^^ That's _why I came aw V" d^agreement yesterday. Lord Saltash had a yadit i^ %T ■ ^T"""^ °*=*=^°° because such a precious opp^ort J^^v for T.""^ ^"/ '* ^"^ ^^'"ed large racing-stables in Te„Xh K ^^IJ*^" "e also had behind the little town and th^^^r''"! She turned her face again to the open sea, a glint of desperation m her eyes. " I m-an to say ;; Then Heaven help us I " said Maud, under her breath. T "* ^S'^'u , ^"'"^ "^^ *° ^ s'de and stooped overhm^. „rrdon TSf So^S 'Si^ Sr grr„J." ^^ ''^ -"''- °^ - st^nd%hj Th^5:rd ofus"'^r^l°S~"''"''°"-'"^^ ^ "^"« ^- *•« *- " You can't 1 " Again deadly conviction swent a«H» argument "You're not clever ^enough, ^l^d J^u^^hav S r*tr^^ y°." P^°P°^ *" '«ave me to the tender mere L of the Sheppard. Sit downl Sit downl You don't look fit to stand." Old Uncle Edward pulled out a chair from his dining-room table and ahnost thrust his visitor into it. You look as If you hadn't got more than a thin half-pint in the whole of your constitution. You He smiled upon her so suddenly and so genially that she m. nd itched you if I'd known." Uh, I didn t travel alone," she said. I shouldn't have come so soon but for 1 im Te was going to the docks, and he offered to bring me a^d tak ^■a J\ «^^"^«''}°^ dreadfully I wanted^trgerawiy'- grimty! -"« *° ^^^^^^ and5:;i;s"i:otxts"^ ' " '"'^ «'-«- ^-« ^--p One condition." Maud bent a Uttle lower ri.h(^''l'*^.i* w ^y ^^^^' y°" "«st tell me. ^ u'^^^'""^ '=°^^^P°nd- prop at length gave wav • 7„h I °y"«°ds till even this Bunny (whose vf^^emp L' title wt\ if."'' "^^ ^' ^^^'^ world) found themielve/strandedafp ^ Possessed in the end^ot the season with n^^t Vo'f^^^'^tt Fit°ur\SSh'e°In S ult^/.^'\''^ ^'^^^'^ -t quay-the ■' Anchovy "Ho^el B.^n' '^n"? It was not ,„ J u^^'* "' °n amount but Lady Brian had Wed ft on Ynr^''"''""' estabhshment. I had no choice." *^^ fl,f ^"Jf.," ^.°" ""Tl *° V'y ^^" • " M*«d's voice fe U suddenly * flat. You swore you wouldn't be long." he said ovpr hir"^".. "I haven't been enjoying myself." "ivpn z f^lf^'^^'^VPfui'^'' suspiciously. it's never your fault, he said, with dreary sarcasm. She only laid a smoothing hand on his crumpled brow, and after a moment bent and kissed it «h,,ftinf^ 1,^ ^^^ ""^"y *'°™ ^«'" n J°ve with •'I know I couldn't marry him," she said, a piteous quiver '^^Z'hf " ^V""'^ *'^*° " She broke off.^ othefric Ka„, Th? It 11 turn to blood m your veins, and a good thing too. But you— well, you're difierent Yo, and I wi U get on together." awerent. ■'"' '^'" '"«^^«'* *"h a practic^ly severed alf ^Lntc Sr^h Them " '"'""^ ^^'^ I^o„^;r„i ttd Tht ^J^^ — n to ence with an elderly bachlrnn? ** * "^"^d long time you've been I X What on earth have you and the mother been doing " Young Bernard Brian turned his head towards his sister with w^th^^fc"^:- v^^*'""* movement of one bitterly at variance with hfe. sternlv critical ■• « your good husband is going to pay for his schooling is he ° : SL%7? "''''^ ^^' ''^"'^ '^^ ^«'"s«d it- " You've too humble an opmton of yourself, my dear. I don't as I rule like youn Tm S 7m Z i L""' '""^S- '^^'y ^'^'"^ ^' the world s'^nds sti U to admire 'em. She spoke as one to whom nothing m Ttre^",:; " Maud !

But there was an extraordinary vitahty m the meagre frame, a fevered, driving force that never seemed to be who Uy exhausted. Look out of the window, my good woman, if you want to know I Don't wait I Time's precious, and I guess you're busy." Again he smiled upon Mrs. It is fiendishly cold, and blowing great guns There was skating when I arrived, but that is a dream of the fr? )^«,n°w slop about knee-deep in slush, or play cat's cradle m the safen dunng the day. She had used his Chnstian name spontaneously, and now sudderly she found that dl forma Uty had gone from between S It d sconcerted her, frightened her. with the utmost gentle- say it '" hes S ^^° "^" " ^^ y°" ^'^"^ *° hillu ^fy~*i'** '' " Her hands moved agitatedly beneath wfth ! r *"'='*'• '''• "^^ "'-*• ''^ ^^ Clasped •' All right. ^^ But when they separated at length she paused uneasily. T /^f.* ■' f'^'^'- ^"* *h« saw him overridin K everv n S ^"^'" ^^ P""T°^^s- He would never flinch from Lh = •/r'"''"? ''; ^' "°"''» ^^ ^i^e oi him to Keep out of Jake s way, m fact. " She never would Hsten to advice was the burden of her lament. "" happily n^arried to Lord Saltash by 'not oh de^f cl^^^^"^ "^ ''""IV" ^"^°" *°-d='y- Oh dear Oft dear ! " "^ ^°" ^''^t she s m love with another speaking ve.y deliber~"^£f £,^? " That means^you're in Jake's eyes fenced with hie •■ v-, that if it phases you to ^o sj'" he s Sd ""'^ '"^' '* '° ""^^ 98 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 'MX'' .■.-'.'vi V' ' It's damn' The old man raked his throat pugnaciously prtsumption. There seemed to be a smile in the eyes tl- tt 'T' J""* ^^f^ ^^ "° suggestion of it abiut Jake s mouth, which was s Ughtly compressed h Sf ? "You're singularly unlike your mother," was Uncle tdward s comment. " I shouldn't take much notice of him, ma'am," she said. She turned back into the room, and took half-a-sovereign from the table. °* ''""^ °* Uncle be awaiting hir^d hef he S tr^^^'^' ''^' '' ""-^ '■ t;°" '■M'? then Xtt^fy: ■■ V^u^llo Hdn't ';f ":r^-" ^^' Uncle Edward-last nig Tt p "^ * ^"^"^ ^^'^Sran- from f„;;^,; " ^«d Jake.

There were tim^ when mac Uon was absolute torture to him, and Maud was ready to go until she dropped if only she could in some measure a^eviate that chafing res Uessness. Lovelace, his pleasant, candid Sdra^ Lovelace had perforce to smile back and Jake heaved a sigh of relief, and tegan his breakfast. We dance or cuddle in comers practica Uy a U night. made her uncertain as to his attitude as well as her own. It is forgotten." said Jalce, " I'll bo ahp^j ^i£=L°rs'^sr^s^',s-i L£.t^S Bunny you would never have taken this ste? " You do understand, don't you, that I couldn't— I can't— accept help from you before — before — our marriage ? Jake knows exactlv whv T am_ prepared to marry him." ^ ^^^ ^ " ^y, dear I You actually made a confidant of that dreadful person 1 How could you ? " We shall be gone by that time Jake IS finding us rooms somewhere in the town ■' Mamf I h'^P"*^ ^^1^, "P ^^' ^"^^^ " J^ke finding rooms ! Children are a bitter disappointment Thev never can be made to see what is for their T^n Jood Sh S rue the day. That trainer man h^ a THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 87 she CHAPTER XV THE CLOSED DOOR AWAY of escape I A way of escape I How often dunng the hours of that endless day were those words in Maud's mind. ^ °-«.'' he said, was not the man for her " ^ °^^'"- ■'^^so, he Thlrt^a^Tmiitsno^eln^th^r T ^ ^'ourself P " " He does no T count an vwav" 3^^^h»yake ignored it. ^*^ei^;y°"^ad more important consider that I have a greate Tril t? '^* ^°" proposal of yours before Miss Bi Im Uncle Edward made a sound of impatience. She'll agree fast enough when she reahzes that it's the only thing to do " thlt^ght"? He did not ask her how her mother was faring, and she did not feel that the moment for speaking of her affairs had arrived. " He often says what he don't mean when he's in one of his tantrums. " Martha," she said, " I have packed everything up, and I am going away. " The sympathy in Martha's eyes became a sort of tragic friendliness.

She counted^t uck mdeed If these moods of fret and turmoil raged during the day. His fetter tearing a purple crest of a fox's head and under it the motto. Some of the female portion of the community are quite passably attractive, but I always preferred one goddess to a crowd, and she is not to be found here Unlws it freezes within the next forty-eight hours » sha U come back to beastly old England and look for her So If I should turn up at Burchester within the next few days please accept this (the only) intimation and have the stud ready for inspection. '^" ^°' Maud s eyes went swiftly ud to h U " R,,t „--- " I-S'ee'! " ™""°*"^ °* *"« " fla Jthl^'^- ^^^^" *° P"'*^'=* ™'^'" Maud said very bitterly from the vmdictive savagery of a brute I " ^ 86 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE ■•Maud ! And I am sure Tako Bo ton ,s much more of a brute than poor Giles. They Su Sy stamp him Oh, dear, you're very headstrong Md difficult I begm to think Giles had some excuse after^^ Per S Send mc.-"'" '^ ''"^ *° '"^"^«^ y-- You are q S ^^Maud almost laughed. " she him"'''Mt^'"^r- ":^'f ""^'^ "^ *° ^«^^e a ^oom for him. Sheppard had speedily developed a proprietarv interest m the management of the hotel. They pursued her, they mocked her whichever way she turned. " No, that he is not I But really -really-you are wasting your time. '^^'^- ' *°""* '"''" '"'-«^ *» i- To-n St ins *] Why impossible ? ' Su ^"""'J.t'ie string round her third finger and knotted It Then he slipped it off, and took the hand closely and warmly mto his own. Any decent person would disapprove oi the sort of alliance you two are determined to make But I don t expect my opinion to be deferred to. His face wore a smile that baffled her, as he said " It's mv opinion that we should get on better alone together, though it s for you to decide." ^ t3^y 't°'? he did, your niece woddn' have c Sor'/"^'^- " « I beheve she appealed to vou fir J h,? ^"^ " ^^ ^''^^' " ^^ ^^^ ^°" P"* " ^'^ ^^ " The old man coughed and made no reply. " You offer her a home where she can continue to be a slave to her brother. There was a touch of the formidable about the old man, all his kindness to her notwithstanding ; and she felt too tired and ill for a difficult discussion. " " He's just come in and gone upstairs to dress for dinner, ma'am," Martha told her. He'll be better in the morning." Again that awful sense of impotence assailed Maud. I want you please to c;ill a cab now, at once, to take me away before my uncle comes downstairs. " I knew as you wouldn't stay, ma'am," she THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 3,3 miiin^' "'"'^ ""^ ^"y *"= »'»""«» at you.

She was better able to cope with them then, and it gave the mght a better chance. ^' "' *'"«'■ »^^^ him down to it on the following d? » i t , '"'P^'* *° ««' tl^^e SSic-- - S^^^^^^ ^^v^«--"i3^thr-f---^-'- i POssib S're'^S-ir^four^- " ^'^^ '^y^ »» °- "" bu J^g Se Se! a fever if his behests w St o JTeye T *° """'' ^"^^ was wde-eyed and restless ^ ^ "^'^"P- ^"^ ^e " It's so beastly cold." he said " t ..,_u i are like stones. " Yours sincerely, " Saltash." Jake's face wore a curious expression as he folded the letter and returned it to the envelope. '""'' *^* ^'^ *' '*"*' ''" ^°''='' '''™°'* * *^i^P«f- fhi!! " Its a deal You Ve deci X'tt ^^ "°^ ^°'" ™°^« ^'"^diate detai? I'll fix up somethinrr and then I'll come on after you an.; we'll get the boy away." She met his look somewhat doubtfully. To Jake she merely very briefly imparted the news of her uncle s expected advent, and he received it without comment Bunny was much more speculative. It 8 an attitude he won't keep up for long not-that B-unless he's a blithering idiot? " " Because I have promised." '■ Tut I tut I He must release you." _^ • He would release me," Maud said slowly. '^''*' ^ ^^'•' *'"^ " y°« ci^ ' " It was evident fint .''l*r" ^'"n"°* Uncle Edward's strong i^int! ^ She looked at him with her clear, straight eves " That •« l"ant Soi.^" "°' ^^ '" "•' '^'^^ ^"'-t' I^-" him ^""l*'^* " ' "^f"; y°""6 woman, you're in love with St! '*^'." ''* "^'^- " ^'"^ ^^ » '"tie of men in ray time, and I've been a man myself. ^ '• I hope you haven't come to forbid the banns," he said wn ^'Ik™'"/ *''rim scrutiny that the old man had levelled at him from the moment of his entrance ■• -^'"^'^Edward uttered a sound indicative of intense disgust fi, ;. If you choose to marry a woman who doesn't care two straws about you its your affair, not mine." ^ ' Jake turned in his deliberate fashion to Maud " Your uncle, I presume ? u ^V**™/^*^^' piteously, and as if in answer to that look Jake shpped a steady arm about her ■What about the head of the family ? You don t propose to lift the burden at a U, to ease her hfe, to make her happy. She's never in time for anything." Even as he spoke, there came the rush of wheels on the hard road outside and the hoot of a motor-horn. She wanted to lie down and rest for a long, long time. She leaned her head against the doorpost, closing her eyes for a second. I wouldn't " I can't help that," Maud made answer " i. "P*^"'' ' departure, and tried wouldn-thearofit Sh T, 1? J°*^ ^°'"^ 'dea at the back of her enough 'An ZL^l LT"^' '''' S*^.^'- -«"'* aristc^atk at Tfttersiran'47™ - -Xlfan h^^ '"" "?

Poor lad I He could fight his own way through the days, but the long-drawn-Sut misery of nights of incessant pain broke him down-how completely only Maud ever knew. Where's fhel S" rug ^" * ^^P" "^ ^"^^ must\attfrir? He locked her two wrists together in one iron hand. ;.rf^„ sja&les after an early ride, locked down at his adpt^dsraivissaar""'- »n7\, •P''^"*i"''=^'^°"' Mrs. It was what Bunny called his "cov'boy" look-a look in which humour and sheer, sav^e determination were very oddly mingled. how Lon." ""^^ "'"' ''"'^ ^ gather you don't mind He picked up a clay pipe from the mantelpiece, and knocked out some ash against the fireplace snoc Kea Th STtrlnm^t^'"" "^'K^ '"^"^ 'P^^ °f fascination. "* ^eain as they went down the hill I coi Jd hke it." she made answer »«««ocor Y nsounio N im chart (ANSI and ISO TEST CHART No. 1653 East Mo Jn Str Mt Cl B) M2-0M0-PIUHU CIS) 2M - Jn9 - Fo» 82 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE Jake was st Ui smiling. He added, between puffs at his pipe, "We'll make hini happy between us. " Bunny will wonder where I am." He glanced at her. He had been some- what carried out of himself by the trend of events. " ~'"' "" ^ ^°°'' '"''"'*' '"'«* ^" ^i^h y°« good ini? She laid a hand of half-timid restraint upon his arm 1 am not— in love with him, Uncle Edward " she said her S^B"u? '^ U"''^ ^'^^^^'l ^g=i"- He gripped her hand unexpectedly, staring up at her with his ke Jn eyes Do you know how old I am ? So let me tell you this I "I THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE 93 He's tan.e and Kood. " he said, speakin R softly ateiost as if to a child. " ^ ' The slight pressure of his arm directed her towards the fh'^^K ^^^l^}l " instinctively, with an abrupt feeling that the matter had been taken out of her hands He went with her into the passage, and they stood for a moment together under the flickering lamp . Y-u wouldn't know where to bepn You are ready and anxious to de Uver her from me But there your goodness starts and finishes. The sound as it reached Maud seemed to galvanize her into sudden energy. " She ceased to speak, and a dreadful pallor crept up over her face. Wright, anxiously watching, saw that she was slipping mto unconsciousness, and across the bed she issued a sharp command. Go and fetch the doctor 1 " The shadow behind the curtain vanished. This visit to Uncle Edward meant deliverance to her from a yoke too heavy to be borne. • :rh SV„°L^^/&.- - -"V Bu^-s S" *'""'' '^^ «°""'' ^'«= »"' 'I-" and scribbled The first she addressed to her uncle : " Dear Uncle Edward leaving y^l "XSa^ Z pt'^S^ f 3^^^ ^j ""^ " Yours, " Maud." The second note consisted of one sentence onlv " t Ruing to mv mother Mmr, •• a j '"-"'^"" °"'y.

i.^^^^A^'' "[u^^^ "^ ^°^^ °° ^^^ aftemoon^of late October, down the hi U to the sun-bathed shore. ntur ro" °^ ^"""y- ^'^ ^ -"^^ I Here's a blanket instead l""" ''°'^'"^- ^^ver ^d I hi^'r Cce S "'"'"^ '' ""^ '^^ •^^'^ -• ou Now-Klo you know what I am going to do to you ? His g S"of i Sant"""'" '"'^"""^ ^""^ "« " ' P'P^y "» 5hl " I'll let you go when IVe done with you," he said, gloating openly over her quivering helplessn Ms. Lovelace being out of sieht aiid hearing, he decided to risk detection, and. There was a good deal of the primitive man about him at that moment. 1 here was something m the man's serenity of mien that puzzled her. We'll give him the time of his life." She drew a deep breath. They passed the church on the hill, and descended the steep road to the town. It was Ja Jke who whispered to him the amazing information of his sudden conquest, together with a very strenuous injunction not to talk to Maud about it unless she started the subject. She went throtgh all the necessary arrangements for their removal as one in a dream, scarcely speaking at all, responding very occasionally to Bunny's eager surmises respecting the unknowii great-uncle who had never before taken the faintest interest in them, or shown himself so much as aware of their existence. at^r'^• 7'"'\' thing Vuirbe'im^ possible But at the same time— though I can't give him rffi^dt.^^^" "°* ^^P-' '- •'-eain. But ^he Js a^t X°U^„s Sur X my dear, when were thwarted, and the Tongerwe'rthw^^ protu"Clt„r'' ^^^ '""^ impressiveness of a judge " Kk**! ,"*^' *''°"8'' '''»e tried to conceal the fact " Bunnv P^*^* ^"T *° »* *'' "»"■! b M die did not Urn to ™S l"~°™°'^ """ ^""''- ■■ 0' '•U feteh 96 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE " Say ! You talk of mv damnable presumption." A ruddy g Utter like the flicker of a. She rose, white to the lips, but resolute I am ready," she said. " I can see my mother- afterwards." The old man also gave her a shrewd glance, but he also said no word. And /^n*t;"-^^xl'r.°"''l'''" ^™ " h^ ''°^^- He does know- amtle. All through her illness she had yearned for, striven for, this escape ; and because of this intense longing of hers, Capper, realizing that disappoint- ment could but retard her progress, had set himself to further her desire. She had scarcely seen Jake since the night of the races, and not once had they been alone together. I am travel by the nieht train o„-i u '7-^ "** ^''"^'^ would 324 THE HUNDREDTH CHANCE Towards morning she slept and dreamed again that strangely haunting dream of the flower-decked altar and the red, shining lamp above.