Angela simmons dating

What started off as light conversation for Yo Gotti turned into something much greater for the rapper.

” While Yo Gotti interviewed with the cast, they took a segment of their show to give him an opportunity to reach out to Angela Simmons, via television.Likewise, Gotti jumped at the chance to make his eligibility known.In so many words, the “Down in the DM” rapper emphasized the two possibly being teammates — relationship-wise. According to Yo Gotti, there’s always someone trying to “get at” him.So, what would make him want Angela Simmons, given all the women who approach him on a regular basis?Gotti states that he’s always been in the streets and grew up in a different culture.

Mostly, he’s always been attracted to “good girls.” Similarly, he noted that he gets in enough trouble as it is.

So, he needs someone on his team that’ll possibly balance him, no?

got a closer view of Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons together earlier this month at his Toronto party, during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The two have been seen in boundary-less, cozy situations since his on-air proclamation and offer.

Around the time they were spotted, Angela Simmons had posted “Love and Happiness” to her Instagram profile.

Not saying that she was referring to Yo Gotti when she posted this, but given the situation, maybe there were underlying tones in the post.