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Walk into a room full of people and it won’t take you long to pick out those who appeal to you, based on the colour of their shirt, the style of their shoes, how they speak, or the countless other indicators that work beneath our conscious awareness. Try deliberating your way through all those social signals and weighing them up based on their individual merits and you’ll end up making some strange choices, or going home single.


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Nothing compares to the durability and ageless beauty of natural stone quarried in Stafford Springs, CT.

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article, “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’,” claims. Are we really in a “dating apocalypse”—or worse, a “marriage apocalypse”?

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of season three is the reveal of the new superpowers, especially Curtis, who evades getting caught by the cops by turning into a woman, and Kelly (Lauren Socha), shown sitting across a conference table with a suited man. The replacement of obnoxious, immature, loud-mouthed Nathan (Robert Sheehan) with obnoxious, immature, loud-mouthed Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) perhaps best exemplifies the problem with this season's character work. It's not just characters from previous seasons who are retconned, but also Curtis's entire character arc over the last two seasons, during which he gradually let go of his bitterness and regret over the sudden, jarring end of his running career following a conviction for drug possession.